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Toadface returns to WAKAAN with “Cardboard”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Toadface returns to WAKAAN with “Cardboard.” The new single comes off his forthcoming EP, following his outstanding 2018 album, Bugs for Breakfast. Drenched with elaborate detail, “Cardboard” passes through realms of beat-driven bass to completely erratic rhythmic structures. Toadface intertwines uncompromising basslines, cascading synths, enticing vocal samples, analog sounds and eastern musical characteristics into his transformative single. Through astonishing detail, new musical ideas appear through the atmosphere with each listen. “Cardboard” closes with a hypnotic riser that creates a sense of unease yet desire for more. I can’t wait to hear what comes new from Toadface and his upcoming EP!


Toadface tells us:

“Cardboard refers to the feelings of thinking something is real only to realize later it was fake the whole time. The sample ‘so many details’ refers to how real you thought the thing was until taking a closer look.”

This fall, find Toadface on the Blue Collar Bass Tour, presented by WAKAAN, supporting his labelmate TVBOO on 16 tour dates with the addition of two massive TBA tours in the spring and winter of 2023!

More about Toadface

Championing his signature swampy sound since 2015, dance music’s favorite amphibious producer Toadface has …made quite the splash? … The brainchild of Ohio native Todd Holler, the project quickly attracted the ears of listeners as a result of Holler’s unique approach to production. By fusing elements of trap and dubstep he creates a sound that was unheard of to fans. As a lifelong gamer, Holler drew inspiration from the imaginative landscapes of the virtual worlds. Aside from gaming, Holler cites his older brother and fellow producer Yheti as his biggest inspiration due to their tight knit relationship.

Dropping out of college in 2015 to pursue music full time, Holler successfully seized the opportunity. Since his humble beginnings alongside his brother, Toadface quickly carved out a niche of his own. After a successful first tour supporting Yheti, DMVU and Of The Trees in 2017, Holler never let his foot off the gas pedal.


On the back of an extremely successful Bugs For Breakfast LP release on Liquid Stranger’s label WAKAAN, Holler embarked on his first solo-headline tour in the fall of 2019. It didn’t take long until Holler’s once underground sound was captivating some of the largest audiences in dance music with performances at Shambhala, EDC Las Vegas, Imagine, Lost Lands, Big Dub, Infrasound and more.

As a struggling music industry regains its footing, Holler remains optimistic and energized about what lies. Fans can expect a new EP release forthcoming on the familiar Wakaan label. A culmination of new sonic exploration worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic. Regardless, Toadface will work hard to release music that fulfills his original mission: to allow his listeners to have fun. When he finds himself in a creative stalemate, Holler returns to the core idea harnessed in “Serotonin Machinegun” – a feeling he hopes to continuously recreate for his listeners.

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