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25 Kandi Ideas For Your Next Festival

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25 Kandi Ideas You Can Make for Your Next Festival

Kandi has been a part of the EDM rave culture since the 90s. They were first made and worn by drug dealers who would hide narcotics such as ecstasy or LSD. According to Kevin Taylor’s The Culture Behind Kandi, drug dealers would stack many of these brightly colored bracelets onto their arms so “ravers could identify them and buy some of their product”.

Today, people wear them at festivals for more innocent intentions. Kandi now symbolizes community and PLUR (peace, love, unity, and respect). The art of making kandi has also evolved into more extravagant and complex varieties of kandi jewelry. A subgroup within the rave scene, known as “Kandi Kids”, have gone beyond bracelets and now handcraft large cuffs, masks, and even outfits made out of beads, perlers, and charms!

Here are some ideas to inspire you to make kandi:


Kandi Flower Ring


Kandi Choker

Star Kandi Bracelet Tutorial by Kandi Toybox on YouTube



Kandi Kuff

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