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Best Releases Of The Week [1.20.23]

by Connor Smith
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“Womp Portal” – Subtronics X Ganja White Night 

Teaming up for what is sure to be deemed as WobbleTronics, Ganja White Night and Subtronics release “Womp Portal“, a track that features heavy dubstep beats and basslines, with powerful drops and fast-paced rhythms that create an extreme sense of excitement. The track also includes elements of glitch, atmospheric synths, giving it a unique and creative sound. Incorporating a blend of dubstep, drum and bass, and trap, this track is perfect for fans of high-energy electronic music with a desire to dance the night away.

“Hollow” – Dabin X Kai Wachi

As Kai Wachi and Dabin release “Hollow”, this track can be characterized by its dark, brooding ambience and heavy use of bass and drum elements. The track features a combination of aggressive dubstep beats and haunting vocal samples that creates a sense of tension and unease. Blending dubstep and dark trap perfectly, it’s heavy bass-driven feel grouped with a darker edge is sure to please those who enjoy music that creates a sense of uncertainty.

“Luv Me A Little” (Feat. Nina Nesbitt) – ILLENIUM

Illenium enlists vocalist Nina Nesbitt to create another beautiful banger in “Luv Me A Little”. Featuring a blend of electronic beats, tender vocals, and heartfelt lyrics that create a feeling of vulnerability and longing, the song portrays dramatic synths and ethereal soundscapes, giving it an uplifting feel throughout. Mixing melodic dubstep, future bass, and pop-influenced electronic music, this track is sure to send fans on an emotional and melodic journey.

“Only One” – SOHMI 

Continuing to hone her unique ‘minimal pop-tech’ sound and multidimensional skills as a singer, songwriter, and producer, “Only One” is a tantalizing addition to SOHMI’s growing catalog. Through dreamy tones and effervescent pop accents, SOHMI crafts a mesmerizing soundscape that makes one forget the urge to pin things down within the typical boundaries of genre.

“Holding Me Like Water” – Lastlings

A riveting indie dance soundscape filled with soft synth melodies and light, rhythmic percussion complementing Amy’s sultry vocals, “Holding Me Like Water” is as intriguing as its predecessor, “Get What You Want“.  Living in the sweet spot between live and electronic as they’ve always done so effortlessly, “Holding Me Like Water” continues to show the duo’s growth and maturity both lyrically and sonically as artists and individuals.

“The Other Side” – Au5

AU5 releases a track that creates a journey into a parallel world, where the listener can lose themselves in the alluring soundscapes. Designing a strong bassline and a catchy melody, “The Other Side” will keep you hooked throughout the entirety of the song. Blending melodic dubstep with daydream like music, it is the perfect track to get you ready for the weekend or for an after-show relaxation.

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