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SoDown’s vibrant ‘Alive’ and Opening Single “Our Time” with Kill Paris

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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SoDown gifted fans with his eclectic full-length album Alive on October 5th, 2021. The Denver bass producer and saxophonist dropped 10 tracks that encapsulate his signature bass-flair with a taste of live instrumentation. The album features fan favorites such as “Pull The Trigger,” alongside Bass Physics, and “Right On Time,” featuring Megan Hamilton, as well as other collaborations with SOUNDR, Manic Focus, Bailey Flores, and Will Robinson.

Leading up to the release of Alive, SoDown released several singles to build the hype for this immense project, however, he saved one of the best reveals for last. The opening track “Our Time” introduces the sonic world of SoDown with multi-instrumentalist and producer Kill Paris. This high energy, funk-inspired, bass bumpin’, and musically intricate track is the pinnacle of the album. The soulful chorus envelopes the opening of the track, but, SoDown and Kill Paris seamlessly change gears with a dominant, plucked synth groove that ushers in the awe-inducing bass.

SoDown (left) and Kill Paris (right)

SoDown dictated that this project saw much of its progress throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the turmoil in the world. With that mindset, SoDown delivered an album centered around bringing joy and inspiring music to lift the hearts of his fans. So Down said, “Alive is a reflection of the need for gratitude of the current moment, enjoyment of what is, and the realization of the actions and steps needed to move through troubling times.” Fans can’t wait to see what’s next for the vibrant and versatile sounds of SoDown.

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Along with Alive’s release, SoDown kicked off his US tour on Thursday, October 7 in Columbia, MO. The remaining tour dates are found below. You won’t want to miss SoDown in a city near you!

Thursday, October 21 – Thunderbird Music Hall (Pittsburgh, PA)
Friday, October 22 – The Stache at the Intersection (Grand Rapids, MI)
Saturday, October 23 – Magic Stick (Detroit, MI)
Thursday, November 4 – Trio (Charleston, SC)
Friday, November 5 – The Ritz Ybor (Tampa, FL)
Saturday, November 6 – Wish Lounge @ Believe Music Hall (Atlanta, GA)
Sunday, November 7 – Growlers (Memphis, TN)
Thursday, November 11 – Bogart House (Brooklyn, NY)
Friday, November 12 – The 8×10 (Baltimore, MD)
Saturday, November 13 – Canal Club (Richmond, VA)
Sunday, November 14 – Milkboy Philly (Philadelphia, PA)
Thursday, November 18 – Photo City Music Hall (Rochester, NY)
Friday, November 19 – Club Metronome (Burlington, VT)
Saturday, November 20 – Sonia (Cambridge, MA)

More about SoDown

Ehren River Wright, better known as SoDown, is tattooing his own signature on the world of dance music, illuminating a vibrant destiny for the saxophone playing producer.His live sets are saturated with vigor and animation, breathing life into a myriad of electronic sub-genres. Combining a palpable groove with thunderous, bass-centric aromas, SoDown creates an unparalleled atmosphere. His versatility is limitless, showcased via his GetDown Key-his personal genre atlas which falls into three separate categories, SoHeavy, SoGroovy, and SoChill. Between his unbound inspiration, and acute attention to the technicalities of production, SoDown curates an immersive, sensory experience both in the studio and on stage. His charismatic persona has prompted a dedicated fan following. SoDown has commanded stages at RedRocks, Coachella, Electric Forest, Global Dance, Sonic Bloom, and more. At the heels of his own triumphs, SoDown is only just beginning.


WEB: sodown.com

SPOTIFY: spoti.fi/2r8Q2Az

YOUTUBE: youtube.com/sodownbassmusic

SOUNDCLOUD: soundcloud.com/sodownbassmusic

TWITTER: @sodownbassmusic

INSTAGRAM: @sodownbassmusic

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