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Kyral x Banko and Mport drop animated ‘Brad’ EP on WAKAAN

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Following the success of their Snoitch EP, Kyral x Banko return to WAKAAN with a collaborative Mport EP, Brad. The boisterous 7-track offering evokes a comedic story amongst the trios distinct hybrid sound design. The animated EP includes an intro, outro, and midway skit in which the character of “Brad” evokes a familiar persona to all of us. But make no mistake, Brad encapsulates the unmistakable creativity and talent of these producers. Colossal basslines, eccentric samples, and rowdy rap verses all couple for a brilliantly crafted and unrelenting EP.

KxB share:

“The Brad EP was born during a night in the Snoitch Lab with Mport. While working on a new collab ID, we were flipping through some vocal sample ideas and found one that said ‘You can’t have it!’ It sounded hilarious so we added it to the song and eventually had a lightbulb moment where we came up with the concept of Brad to fit the vocal sample and started by having Banko record a fake voicemail to add to the beginning of the track, and thus the Brad EP was underway… MANY, many sleepless nights in the studio later, we’re incredibly proud of this concept EP & can’t think of a better home for it than WAKAAN!”

Mport adds:

“This EP stemmed from us working on a variety of songs and ideas over the past 3-4 years. “ID please?” being the starting point for the concept of us being hit up by a relentless fan to have us send unreleased music and give us ideas and critiques. From there we thought of other genres and situations where “Brad” would ask us to do certain things in our music. There were so many sunrises that we witnessed walking out of the studio as we did our best to heed these suggestions!”

Kyral x Banko continuously revamp their own version of modern free form bass music, with their live performances taking it up a notch incorporating live elements such as drums and original rap verses. While KxB are currently slated to perform at Field Trip Festival and Sonic Bloom this summer, Mport has special appearances planned at Denver’s very own Global Dance Festival and more.

Brad EP by Kyral x Banko and Mport was released on Friday, June 24, 2022, via WAKAAN.

More about Kyral x Banko

Defined by an unrelenting pursuit of innovation through sound, Kyral x Banko have forged an identity and sonic signature that transcends contemporary bass music. Graduates of the University of Illinois, Collin Burdick and Bennett Kohler met in 2012. Burdick, an already well-known DJ on campus, quickly meshed with Kohler, who had been producing hip-hop beats on DAW’s since high school. Fueled by their musical backgrounds and a shared desire to outvie modern electronic genres, the two formed Kyral x Banko (or ‘KxB’) shortly before graduating. Their sound has grown from heavy trap roots to a more experimental, inventive approach that incorporates both bass and hip-hop elements. Original rap vocals, live drums and a barrage of transitions through tempos and genres fuel the unrivaled energy of their stage performance.

Kyral x Banko Press Photo

Kyral x Banko

Inspired by trailblazers like Skrillex, Peekaboo, and Alix Perez, KxB strives to evolve every sound they create to its limits with the goal of delivering a truly unique sonic experience to listeners. Their style, sound and personality can only be described as “Snoitch,” an all-encompassing term born out of the zesty and eclectic KxB universe. The term has proved applicable throughout their boisterously fun brand, and is also the title of their upcoming EP on Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN imprint. Kyral x Banko has been recognized by notable names in Bass music, such as A-Trak, Slumberjack, NGHTMRE, HeRobust, Cut Chemist, Buku, and DJ Craze. The duo has current and upcoming collaborations with Holly, SoDown, Spades, Mersiv, and MZG, the latter of which (“Boolin”) has amassed 140k+ streams on Spotify. KxB has released with ƱZ’s Quality Goods Records (Focus EP), Jadu Dala (“Boinger“) and more, while garnering praise from outlets like Dancing Astronaut, This Song Is Sick and EDM.com.

KxB has toured nationally and appeared heavily on the festival circuit, including stops at WAKAAN, Spring Awakening, Freaky Deaky and North Coast Music Festivals. With a community of peers and adoring fans behind them, KxB continues to flesh out and explore a progressive universe of their own in-house design.One thing is certain: These guys have got the Snoitch.

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