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Winter Festival Survival Guide

by Nadia Khan
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It can be tricky balancing indoor body heat with cold weather at winter festivals. Although they may have indoor stages, you will for sure be standing outside in lines for tickets, security, food & water, or your shuttle/ride. With so many exciting shows & festivals approaching including GRIZmas, Lights All Night, Decadence and other NYE festivals, we’ve got the best recs to help you survive the season. 


Layer up

Layering up prepares yourself to stay warm while giving you the option to strip down if you get too hot in the crowd. If you already own a pashmina, you already know they can be life-savers for multiple reasons: they’re a mask to block dust, a security blanket, a neck & shoulder warmer, and a blanket to sit on. Sleeves are a no-brainer but you don’t have to compromise a cute outfit to stay warm. Cropped puffers keep you warm and give you the option to open it up to show off your fit. Slip-on sleeves, a cropped hoodie, joggers or chaps are other stylish additions to keep you warm. Onesies are also a great way to layer up in the winter and can be a fun group outfit. Be sure to wear something light underneath in case you get too hot and want to layer-down.


Accessorize with knee-high socks, spirit hoods or beanies. Many artists sell beanies with their merch on their website. Not only will these keep your ears and head warm, but they’re great conversation starters with fellow ravers.


Be prepared

I strongly recommend bringing a hydropack/backpack or drawstring bag to your next winter festival. If you like to pack light, belt bags are small and fit the essentials. 


Winter festivals in the desert such as Decadence (Phoenix, AZ) and Countdown (San Bernardino, CA) not only get cold in the winter, but can get super dry. This combo will give you chapped lips and if you’re singing/screaming (as you should), a sore throat. Be sure to pack some Aquaphor/Vaseline/Carmax as well as cough drops/mints. Your nose may get runny, so a pack of portable tissues will come in handy. Purchase a big pack of hand warmers for your rave crew and stick them in your pockets before the fest to get them warmed up. Space blankets are small, cheap, and warm! Stick a few in your bag and share with your crew or fellow ravers that may have not been as prepared.


Know your body

Everyone is different and you know yourself better than anyone. Listen to what your body is telling you. It’s important to be mindful of your body temperature since it can fluctuate if you consume any party favors. It’s also important to be mindful of how much energy you are exerting since constant shivering can wear you out.


Colder festivals may cause you to forget to stay hydrated, so be sure you are drinking plenty of water (before, during and after). As always, take your vitamins, test your stuff and know your limits


Spread PLUR

Don’t let the winter weather kill the vibes. Warm hugs & group huddles can do wonders. Keep moving, keep jumping and keep dancing! If it gets too hot or musty indoors, fan yourself and the people around you to cool down. Take care of yourself and look out for others. As always, have fun and be safe!

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