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Echostage hosts Vintage Culture, Claptone, and Cassian

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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On Saturday, December 3, 2022, Club Glow‘s Echostage hosts Vintage Culture. The chart-topping Brazilian artist has an electrifying year of releases, festivals, and an Ibiza residency, garnering him the World’s No. 1 House DJ on DJ Mags Top 100 DJs. I last saw Vintage Culture at Deep Tropics Music, Art & Style Festival  in August, where he brought unprecedented energy with a mixture of moods and colors amongst his irreverent house style. Fellow house music-lovers, you don’t want to miss this night. The Stage Hoppers’ team will be on sight, ready to rave!

The night will also feature support from Cassian and special guest Claptone, each adding their respective artistry for a magnetic night of house music. Cassian brings his exquisite production skills to the forefront with pristine originals and invigorating remixes. In addition, Claptone, known for his enigmatic guise of black attire, golden-beaked mask, and white gloves, offers a complementary sonic experience adding to the vitality of the night. While Cassian will open with his pristine soundscapes, Clatpone will certainly go Back to Back with Vintage Culture, reminiscent of the energy they brought to their exclusive joint set at Ultra Music Festival 2022.

Vintage Culture Echostage

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