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Deadbeats: The Revival Tour Detroit Review

by Connor Smith
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This past Friday, we spent our Thanksgiving weekend in Detroit where the city welcomed the Deadbeats crew with open arms, thankful to have such a spectacular array of artists grace the stage at the Masonic Temple. From the lineup to the intricate display of visuals and sound, this is a tour ravers and music enthusiasts do not want to miss.


The first thing I noticed when arriving to the show was that every one of the attendees was in an amazing mood. Having just celebrated with friends and family the day before, they all seemed eager to partake in the event with their extended rave fam, acting as though we were all brothers and sisters that hadn’t seen each other in a year. The energy of familiarity and acceptance layered the crowd, granting a warm and welcoming sensation from the moment we stepped foot onto the floor. The vibes were unparalleled, allowing us to be in the perfect mindset to immerse ourselves in the music that was about to fill our ears and hearts.


The Deadbeats label has a collection of talented DJs and producers, many of which were able to showcase their talent on the Detroit lineup of the Deadbeats: The Revival Tour. Beginning the event, DJs SuperAve. and A Hundred Drums set the tone as they filled the venue with a variety of hard-hitting dubstep tracks and drum and bass, pumping the crowd full of energy as they danced the night away.

Following the earlier sets, Nostalgix and Esseks continued to stimulate the audience. Nostalgix presented a bass house set that conveyed an up-tempo sound, vibrating the floor underneath our feet as the drums and bass blasted through the speakers. Creating a more ominous vibe, Esseks’s set was riddled with mid- tempo bass accompanied by trippy visuals, leaving the crowd swaying in unison as the dark melodies infected our minds.

Later into the night, Mersiv emerged onto the stage and didn’t hesitate to grip the audience with some deep bass and wonky dubstep. Coining the term “Pretty Dark Loud”, the producer has mastered the EDM sub-genre of Freeform bass, combining this unique sound with his bass-riddled set, electrifying the crowd that stood before him.

As the legendary duo Zeds Dead took the stage, the visual screen was lit up by a scene from the cult classic film Pulp Fiction. The clip showed Bruce Willis stating the famous line “Zeds dead baby, Zeds dead”, in which the duos name Zeds Dead was derived. Goosebumps plagued the attendees as the words “What is something people are not ready to hear” from their iconic ID featuring GRiZ pierced through the speakers. An overwhelming drop of deep dubstep and heavy bass lifted our spirits to the ceiling, causing an eruption of headbanging from the crowd. Combining their well- known classics with unique mixes of Detroit native Eminem’s most iconic songs, Zeds Dead’s set was unforgettable and goes down as one of the best I’ve had the pleasure to experience.  


The Masonic Temple is a classic venue known as the world’s largest masonic temple, one that can accommodate up to 4,500 fans at a time. Elegantly designed, an array of light fixtures and chandeliers, decorative arches, medallions, plaster decorations, and a myriad of other artistic details make up the century old structure, making it extremely pleasing to the eye. From the upper balcony to the declined pit, there is room for everyone to enjoy the show without feeling crowded or claustrophobic. Staff at the Masonic make the entire experience effortless and enjoyable, with short lines for alcoholic beverages and friendly professionalism when handling security and specific guest issues.

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