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Deep Tropics 2022 Festival Review

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Deep Tropics Music, Art, & Style Festival concluded its fourth iteration this past weekend. The two-day festival located in Nashville, TN transforms Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park into an immersive experience of music, art and style! On behalf of Stage Hoppers, I had the pleasure of attending this year, so let’s get into the review!


Deep Tropics was by far one of the easiest and quickest festivals in terms of arrival. We ubered to and from the venue each day, with no delays and thankfully no price surges. Our hotel was only an 8-minute drive to the venue, which featured a drop-off location directly in front of the Box Office, Will Call and Main Entrance. The surrounding area of Nashville contains plenty of nearby hotels that accommodate the ease of travel. However, book in advance as prices closer to the festival dates definitely surge upwards.

Deep Tropics Festival 2022

Deep Tropics Festival 2022


Deep Tropics’ calls Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park in the Germantown neighborhood its home. The park features lush greenery and open spaces to relax away from the three stages that are interlaced with natural and man-made elements. While the overall acreage does not compare to large festivals, Deep Tropics makes use of the available space exceptionally. The art installations, made from sustainable materials, that adorn the festival are complimentary with vibrant color palettes that also illuminate at night. 

Festival Experience

The eclectic nature of the festival attracts a wide range of attendees, but it never felt excessively difficult to get around. We were, for the most part, able to have our own space in comfort while still relatively close to the stages. In addition, there were plenty of areas where you could take minute away from the all the stimulation. And while there were only two water stations, we never had any problems refilling!

The bars and food trucks were wonderful!  Each bar featured an array of signature cocktails, beers, seltzers, and a unique alcoholic water called Funny Water. Plus, you could start a tab that was accessible at each bar location with reusable cups to help with the environmental impact. In addition, the food trucks, which included vegan options, offered some of the best festival food I’ve had at reasonable prices. You can munch on burgers, fries, empanadas, ice cream, and many other options that to keep fueled through the night.  The festival also ventured an assortment of vendors that included festival attire, accessories, jewelry, and speciality products for purchase! Also, all the bartenders, food truck employees, vendors, and staff were welcoming and very attentive!

Stage Production

Meru Ampitheater was an incredible stage due to its sound quality and structure. The amphitheater style allowed for an intimate setting where you can clearly see the artists and feel the energy from the crowd. The Lotus Stage was adorned with plants that elevated the aesthetic, and beaming lasers lit up the trees and night sky . The Congo Soundsystem provided an intimate surround sound experience with local and rising artists. While there was a bit of sound bleed over between the Lotus Stage and Congo Soundsystem, once you found your space it dissipated. Each stage, with their unique qualities, catered to the hosted styles of music.

Artist Lineup & Music

For Top 3 Sets at Deep Tropics, I would pick Vintage Culture, LSDREAM, and Ben Böhmer. Vintage Culture brought the heat, monstrous hits, and elevated the energy leading into Tchami at Meru. LSDREAM closed Lotus in spectacular and funky fashion. Ben Böhmer at sunset was the perfect blend of euphoric and powerful soundscapes. Honorable mention goes to Of The Trees! Completely new to me but I was loving every moment of his unique sound. From the various sets, it was clear that each artist delivered exceptional sets specifically for Deep Tropics.


Deep Tropics was by far my favorite festival I’ve attended this year. It’s unique culture, lineup, and mission, made for a stress-free, exhilarating, and inspiring festival experience. Besides the one fry I dropped, I can’t think of any complaints! Can’t wait for Deep Tropics 2023!

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