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I_o Posthumous Album Releases Tomorrow

by Eric Thias
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Earlier this morning the family of Garret Lockheart, known as I_o, released a surprising statement. It was announced that tomorrow they will plan to release a legacy album on behalf of I_o titled Warehouse Summer. The official statement from the Lockheart family reads below.

This is the first public statement we have heard from I_o’s estate and family since the cause of his tragic passing was revealed on May 18th, 2021I_o’s posthumous album Warehouse Summer will release on the 2 year anniversary of his passing on November 23rd. We do not know many details regarding album length or features at this time. All we know at this time is that this will include the final work between I_o and vocalist Lights. These two have previously collaborated before on their 2020 EP AM 444This project was a 4 length feature EP which included hits such as “Annihilation” and “Run.”

I_o’s Legacy

I_o live at EDC Las Vegas 2019

I_o live at EDC Las Vegas 2019

Although Garret Lockheart was taken from this world far too soon, his legacy will forever be remembered. He was respected immensely in the industry from all artists and friends alike. I_o came onto the scene strong and debuted his talent through his first official release “Warning” in 2017. He was first featured on Mau5trap’s We Are Friends, Vol 7 album produced by owner of the label and world renowned artist Deadmau5. Following his first release I_o would go on to lead the way for a new and fresh sound in techno music. Within the last few years techno music has grown in popularity and regained a following around the world. It was through Garret’s efforts as I_o that helped contribute to this movement.

He was famous for holding stunningly captivating performances at massive events such as EDC Las Vegas. His performance at EDC Las Vegas in 2019 was often regarded as one of the best sets of the entire event and helped push his career into the mainstream limelight. Since his passing fellow artists and friends alike such Deadmau5, Jauz, and Kayzo have gone on to describe I_o’s influence on their own personal and professional lives.

Posthumous albums are often regarded as a controversial decision for an artist’s estate and namesake. In this case the time and care put into this release will greatly pay respect to Garrett. Not only will this honor Garrett’s legacy, but this will also honor the many lives he touched as I_o.

For more information regarding the release of Warehouse Summer follow below.


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