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Vanglowe’s Blissful “Dancing In The Summer” Music Video

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Vanglowe is back with “Dancing In The Summer,” a summertime dance hit that’ll cure the soul. Previous releases such as “When I Turn Off The Lights,” “My Throne” and “Press Play” showcase their songwriting capacity, versatility, and forward-thinking approach. Now, the Austin- based duo return with a gleeful new single that you can’t just help but sing along too.

“Dancing In The Summer” tells the narrative of everyone’s dream summer. Blissful vibes are overflowing with each lyric, letting the stress of life melt away. The live instrumentation with subtle hints of electronic production provides a pure infectious groove. In addition, “Dancing In the Summer” comes paired with Vanglowe’s first music video! Through vivid colors and overtly fun cinematography, the music video captures the essence of care-free summer adventures. The video guarantees a smile and will have you dancing like no one’s watching. Trust me, throw those “problems into yesterday” and just “catch a vibe” with Vanglowe’s new hit “Dancing In The Summer!”

Vanglowe tells us: “Dancing in the summer” was created to remind the world to have fun and not take life so seriously. Life is full of stress and hardship, but no matter how hard it gets, it’s important to celebrate the gift of life itself. Dance, laugh, love, relax, and take some days off. The core of this song is all about good vibes, organic sounds, and groove.

“Dancing In The Summer” by Vanglowe is OUT NOW!

More about Vanglowe

Vanglowe, composed of Carlos Marcelo and Vuvu Child, is an Electronic Pop duo based in Austin, Texas. With a signature sound behind the mic and pioneering production, they are on track to establish themselves as chart-breaking artists. Carlos and Ryan (Vuvu Child) met back in August of 2019 at the same Audio Engineering school. At first, they both felt competition and rivalry was necessary between them, but as time went on they realized that they worked well together.



In February of 2020, Ryan and Carlos decided to release their first song together “Three Feet Away.” Ryan was under the name “Vanglowe” and Carlos was under the name “Quantum”. The song ended up doing much better than expected. They then went on to release “Before I Forget ” two months later which also racked up some impressive streams for it being only the second song on their catalog.

After about a year without releasing any music, their team and they both decided that a duo had to be born. Early 2021 Vanglowe became a duo and Ryan & Carlos debuted together in April for the release of “Lady Loca.” Now with so much music promised for the future, Vanglowe is an act to follow.

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