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Vanglowe on the rise with “When I Turn Off The Lights”

by Nicholas Lorenzo

The electronic pop duo known as Vanglowe consists of members Carlos Marcelo and Vuvu Child. Based out of Austin, Texas, Vanglowe is on a mission to establish themselves as chart-breaking artists. Paired with a signature vocal essence and pioneering production, the duo is set for success with their latest single “When I Turn Off The Lights.”

“When I Turn Off The Lights” ventures into aspects of the duo’s past through dissociation and passion-based sacrifices. The vocal line takes the forefront of the track as arpeggiated synths boil the energy underneath. The subtle details in this production are of standout quality. Vanglowe accentuates every last note in the vocal line, as is apparent in tremolo taper at the end of phrases. The melancholic synth timbre emerges from the atmosphere during the chorus and, eventually, signals the culmination of the track. From the vocal processing to the instrumental choices, Vanglowe showcases their outstanding attention-to-detail production through “When I Turn Off The Lights.”

Vanglowe discuss “When I Turn Off The Lights”:

“’When I Turn Off the Lights’ was manifested in our old college apartment during the pinnacle of Covid-19. We were trapped in quarantine, reflecting on our lives and what we had to sacrifice in order to pursue music and chase our dream. The song describes a person trying to disassociate from their past, move forward and never look back. The track’s ominous vibe and fast pace conveys a looming blackness chasing someone, trying to consume them. The past cannot be changed. You must keep going.” 

“When I Turn Off The Lights” by Vanglowe was released on Friday, September 17th, 2021.

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More about Vanglowe

Carlos and Ryan (Vuvu Child) met in August of 2019 at the same audio engineering school. At first, they both felt that competition and rivalry was necessary, but as time passed, they realized that they actually worked well together. In February of 2020, Ryan and Carlos decided to release their first track together, “Three Feet Away.”  Originally, Ryan was under the name “Vanglowe” and Carlos was under the name “Quantum,” however, they saw success with their first releases together. Two months later, they reconvened for “Before I Forget”  which garnered some impressive streams as their second collaborative release.

After a year without releases, both artists and their team decided a duo must be assembled. Vanglowe announced their union at the beginning of 2021 and their debut single “Lady Loca” was released in April 2021. Now with so much music promised for the future, Vanglowe is definitely an act to follow.

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