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Vanglowe and JRYAN evoke dark emotions for “My Throne”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Vanglowe taps into dark anguish with JRYAN for their most recent single “My Throne.” Based out of Austin, Texas, the electronic pop duo made up of Carlos Marcelo and Vuvu Child continue to rise through the charts. For this latest release, the collaborative team ventures into dark places for the impactful message behind “My Throne.”

Vanglowe and JRYAN dive head first into feelings of agony and desperation for the single “My Throne.” The dark atmosphere features shimmers of hope through the passionate vocal performances. The gripping bass line and pounding drums magnify the intensity behind the lyrics. The story of a deteriorating relationship feels all too real for those that have experienced loss. The standout lyricism, accompanied by a perfectly subtle, yet intricate instrumental arrangement, are what make this track so emotionally powerful, yet satisfying to vibe to.

Regarding “My Throne,” Vanglowe tells us:

“‘My Throne’ is about a relationship that is quickly falling apart. The song stands in a moment of desperation where one realizes that they took another’s love for granted, and this might cost them the one they love. The instrumental’s dark, melancholic atmosphere sets the scene for a person expressing a newfound vulnerability and willingness to take responsibility for faults in the relationship. Unfortunately, the effort is too little too late.”

More about Vanglowe

Carlos and Ryan (Vuvu Child) met in August of 2019 at the same audio engineering school. At first, they both felt that competition and rivalry was necessary, but as time passed, they realized that they actually worked well together. In February of 2020, Ryan and Carlos decided to release their first track together, “Three Feet Away.”  Originally, Ryan was under the name “Vanglowe” and Carlos was under the name “Quantum,” however, they saw success with their first releases together. Two months later, they reconvened for “Before I Forget”  which garnered some impressive streams as their second collaborative release.

After a year without releases, both artists and their team decided a duo must be assembled. Vanglowe announced their union at the beginning of 2021 and their debut single “Lady Loca” was released in April 2021. Now with so much music promised for the future, Vanglowe is definitely an act to follow.

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