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Vanglowe return with emotive new single “Press Play”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Vanglowe return with a new release for 2022!  The previous year saw the electronic pop duo release two sublime singles, “When I Turn Off The Lights” and “My Throne,” showcasing their musicality and forward-thinking production. Now, Vanglowe unveil a melancholic new track, “Press Play,” evoking sensations of heartache and emotional pain. The minimalistic yet alluring instrumentation allows for the exquisite vocal performance by the duo to shine through. The production remains top-tier without over-crowding the arrangement, creating an intimate and serene listen. Vanglowe does not disappoint with this “in your feels” hit; better keep your eye on this duo.

Regarding the new release, Vanglowe tells us:

“’Press Play’ seats you in the minds of two lovers after a breakup where all the hard feelings have withered away, and the saddest part becomes the loss of a friend. Two lives that were once closely intertwined, willing to die for one another, have grown estranged. The hardest part is letting go. The song was made using only a few drum samples, bass, and an electric piano. It’s all about the lyrics.”

“Press Play” by Vanglowe was release on Friday, April 22, 2022.

More About Vanglowe:

Vanglowe, composed of Carlos Marcelo and Vuvu Child, is an Electronic Pop duo based in Austin, Texas. With a signature sound behind the mic and pioneering production, they are on track to establish themselves as chart-breaking artists. Carlos and Ryan (Vuvu Child) met back in August of 2019 at the same Audio Engineering school. At first, they both felt like competition and rivalry was necessary between them, but as time went on they realized that they actually worked pretty well together.

In February of 2020, Ryan and Carlos decided to release “Three Feet Away” together. Ryan was under the name “Vanglowe” and Carlos was under the name “Quantum“. The song ended up doing way better than expected, especially since it was the first song they’d released together. They then went on to release “Before I Forget” two months later which also racked up some impressive streams for it being only the second song on their catalog.

After about a year without releasing any music, their team and they both decided that a duo had to be born. In early 2021, Vanglowe became a duo and Ryan & Carlos debuted together in April for the release of “Lady Loca“. Now with so much music promised for the future, Vanglowe is definitely an act to follow.

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