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Pixel Terror and Ace Aura release debut collab “Arcadia” on Monstercat Uncaged

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Pixel Terror and Ace Aura unite for a debut collaboration on Monstercat Uncaged titled, “Arcadia. Interlaced with a retro-game theme and chiptune elements, the signature styles of both artists permeates the track. While the track offers a vibrant palette of colors, Pixel Terror’s signature fierce digital bass synths and Ace Aura’s melodic riddim and bass layers provide the mainstay power in the drops. A concoction of systemic proportions renders this a magnetic collaboration by these two forces at Monstercat Uncaged.

Pixel Terror shares:

The sounds of Ace Aura and Pixel Terror go together like Sonic and Knuckles. With “Arcadia” being one of our most requested collabs, it was only a matter of time before we joined forces, and soon the highly-anticipated arcade anthem was spawned. This won’t be the last of its kind from me, but will certainly hold the crowd over while I venture into newer, more unknown territory.”

Ace Aura adds:

 I had been a big fan of Pixel Terror’s style and actually opened for them for my first ever DJ gig! I sent them a retro video game-inspired track idea a couple years later that I thought they’d fit well on, and that became ‘Arcadia!’”

More about Pixel Terror

Bentley Montes, the driving force behind Pixel Terror, is a trailblazer in what he calls Hyper Punk, ushering in a new era of heavy electronic music. As a former member of the renowned duo recognized as the digital bass renegades, Bentley Montes now embarks on a solo endeavor that propels the boundaries of sonic revolution.

Pixel Terror is a visionary project that skillfully bridges the gap between the captivating worlds of punk and metal-core with dubstep, drum & bass and beyond. By seamlessly fusing groundbreaking sound design, energetic, rock-inspired compositions, alternative vocals, and timeless melodies, Bentley Montes crafts a unique and compelling musical experience. With each track, Pixel Terror takes listeners on a journey that resonates with both the cutting-edge intensity of electronic rebellion and the familiar, nostalgic elements that have defined the classics.

Pixel Terror

In this new chapter, Pixel Terror emerges as the vanguard of the Hyper Punk movement, fearlessly pushing the boundaries of what live alternative electronic music could be. Bentley Montes’ innovative approach to music production and performance sets a new standard for electronic rebels everywhere. With a penchant for pushing the limits and a dedication to exploring uncharted sonic territories, while continuing to please long-time listeners with strong technical choices, Pixel Terror is poised to shape the future soundtrack of a generation.

Connect with Pixel Terror

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More about Ace Aura

The sound of Ace Aura is unmistakable: marimbas, trance-inspired synths and heaps of colorful dubstep basses. The Dallas-born Eric Seall spent the better part of a decade crafting and helping popularize what would come to be known as “future riddim.” While many in his field make music that is equal parts heavy and melodic, those elements are one and the same for Ace Aura; his basses have chords running through their very fibers.

Ace Aura

Inspired by both the brostep of yesteryear and his Christian faith, Seall aims to bring light to the bass music scene by promoting a wholesome lifestyle, musical uniqueness and exceptional production. To say this has caught on would be an understatement, as he has amassed more than 19 million streams on Spotify to date and earned cosigns from just about every A-list bass DJ one could imagine (not the least of which include Skrillex, Zomboy, Seven Lions, NGHTMRE, Flux Pavilion and SLANDER). 

Ace Aura is known for his high-energy DJ sets, which seamlessly flow between expertly-curated waves of dubstep, hardwave, trap and hardstyle, with a sprinkle of nostalgic pop cuts. His presence has graced more than a fair share of coveted stages, including Excision’s Lost Lands & Bass Canyon, Red Rocks Amphitheatre (as direct support for Subtronics), Electric Zoo and Wobbleland. In 2023, he embarked on his first-ever headline run: the Crystal Coalition Tour.

Connect with Ace Aura

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