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Electric Forest 2023: Top 5 Must-See Acts

by Connor Smith
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Forest fam, the time has finally come!

Electric Forest, a place many call home, is back for another mesmerizing edition that will surely show why this festival is one of the most sought after destinations in the world of EDM. Known for its magical atmosphere, otherworldly art installations, and diverse music lineup, Electric Forest never fails to captivate the essence of peace, love, and music. With an impressive array of artists set to take the stage, narrowing down the must-see acts can be a daunting task. However, after careful consideration, we at Stage Hoppers have curated a list of the top five acts that you absolutely CAN NOT miss at this years edition of Electric Forest 2023!

5. Odesza

One of the hottest names in electronic music, Odesza is set to deliver an unforgettable performance at Electric Forest 2023. Known for their soulful melodies, intricate production, and captivating live shows, this dynamic duo has been consistently pushing boundaries in the electronic music scene, causing listeners to feel unexplained emotion during their sets. Expect an awe-inspiring audiovisual experience, complete with live instrumentation, stunning visuals, and euphoric vibes that will take you on an euphoric journey with the ones you love most.

4. Svdden Death presents: VOYD

Brace yourself for an immersive and mind-altering experience as Svdden Death unveils his extraordinary alter ego, VOYD, at Electric Forest 2023. Recognized for his dark and heavy bass-driven music, Svdden Death takes his performances to a whole new level with this specialized set. Prepare to be transported on a sonic journey that ventures deep into the uncharted realms of bass music, pushing the boundaries of sound and submerging you in a pulsating and electrifying experience like no other.


3. Chris Lake

Experience the contagious energy and irresistible grooves of Chris Lake live, where his dynamic stage presence and infectious enthusiasm create an intoxicating atmosphere that captivates lovers of the tech-house and progressive house sub-genres. With carefully curated sets that seamlessly blend EDM genres and read the audience’s energy, Chris Lake ensures a nonstop dancefloor and an unrelenting presence that keeps everybody moving. His music possesses an undeniable power to ignite a blissful surrounding, inviting you to let go and embrace the pure joy of music. Attending Chris Lake at Electric Forest 2023 means becoming part of a vibrant community united by the magnetic presence of the artist and the irresistible beats that will keep you in a state of constant motion.

2. Illenium

One special reason to catch Illenium at this year’s Electric Forest is the emotionally charged and transformative experience that his music offers. Illenium‘s poignant lyrics, uplifting melodies, and powerful drops create a profound connection with the audience, evoking a range of emotions and leaving a lasting impact that so many of his fans seek. His live performances provide a communal catharsis, as fans unite in singing along to every word, sharing the emotional weight of the music with tears running down their face. With exceptional production value and stunning visuals, Illenium offers an immersive experience that enhances the emotional journey, making it a truly transformative experience deserving of a headline spot at one of the worlds largest stages.

1. Zeds Dead

This year, experience unparalleled energy and bass-infused bliss at Zeds Dead. Now cemented as the OG’s in bass music, their exhilarating performances captivate their massive fanbase with legendary classics and brand new ID’s, creating an adrenaline-fueled atmosphere. With a seamless blend of electronic sub-genres and mastery of bass-heavy beats, Zeds Dead delivers an immersive sonic experience that earns them the top spot on our list. The thunderous basslines and earth-shaking drops compel you to break your neck headbanging, letting go and surrendering to the irresistible pull of their music. Attending Zeds Dead at Electric Forest 2023 should be the top priority of any bass music enthusiast – the boys never disappoint.

Full Lineup

Catching the up-and-coming artists at Electric Forest is an invitation to embrace the thrill of discovery and witness the birth of potential future stars. It’s a chance to explore new sounds, genres, and artistic visions that can broaden your musical horizons. These performances offer intimate and unforgettable moments that celebrate the raw talent and creativity of emerging artists. By supporting and experiencing their shows, you become part of their journey and contribute to the vibrant and diverse music community at Electric Forest. A few noteworthy artists to elevate your Electric Forest experience are Apashe (Live Brass Ensemble), Space Wizard, Daily Bread, PEEKABOO, Jansten, among many other talented producers.

Art Installations

Witnessing the art installations and performance teams at Electric Forest offers a visual and interactive wonderland of creativity and inspiration. These remarkable works of art and theatre transport you to a world where imagination knows no bounds. They foster a sense of community and connection, spark inspiration, and encourage festival-goers to embrace their own creative potential. Exploring the art installations production at Electric Forest is an experience that will leave you in awe, fostering a deeper appreciation for the power of art and the limitless possibilities of human imagination.


Visiting the vendors at Electric Forest offers attendees an opportunity for unforgettable shopping and unique artistic finds. The marketplace is filled with a diverse range of vendors, each offering their own creative and distinct products and services. By exploring the vendors, you support independent artists and artisans, engage in personal interactions, and bring a piece of the festival experience home with you. It’s an experience that celebrates creativity, fosters connections, and allows you to discover extraordinary treasures that will forever remind you of the magic of Electric Forest 2023.

Forest Food

Whether you’re a carnivorous being or prefer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, the choices are plentiful, ensuring that everyone can find something delightful to enjoy. With the fusion of delectable tastes and the vibrant atmosphere of the festival, the food at Electric Forest is an essential part of the overall experience, making it a festival where both the music and culinary delights leave a lasting impression.


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