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House Cat Hits: Top House Music Releases of the Week

Edition [09.01.23]

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Welcome the new month of September with the next installment of House Cat Hits, your gateway to an electrifying realm of house music. Get ready to immerse yourself in a sonic journey that blends the warmth of house rhythms with the crispness of the changing air. In this edition, we’ve handpicked the most soul-stirring and dancefloor-worthy tunes that September has to offer. So, let the music carry you away as we usher in a new month of beats, vibes, and unforgettable moments on the dancefloor.

Mija – “A Woman Comes Into The Room”

Mija, the DJ/Producer extraordinaire and relentless tastemaker, drops with her latest single, “A Woman Comes Into The Room.” This dark, quirky, and club-ready track showcases Mija’s artistry at its peak, weaving in a poignant vocal sample from a cherished poem that’s been haunting her for years. This release is a tantalizing glimpse into her upcoming NO RULES EP, which she’s unveiling piece by piece, a testament to her boundless creativity. Mija’s musical identity, deeply rooted in the fantastical and DIY ethos, effortlessly balances futuristic textures with raw emotions. Regarding the release, Mija shares, “‘A Woman Comes Into The Room’ is a poem by 77 year old female author Alice Notely that I love. I sampled it in this new club track and have been playing it out live. I was going for a classic house sound but also wanted it to be grittier and fun to play in smaller, dark spaces. I reached out to Alice by email, and she was kind enough to let me use her voice recording.”

Bleu Clair – “Mean Sumthin”

Bleu Clair a serious new tune that demands attention titled “Mean Sumthin.” This particular track has served as his intro song for his recent sets and perfectly delivers the tone. With its mesmerizing fusion of groovy beats and infectious melodies you will certainly being diving onto the dancefloor. Bleu Clair continues to release hit after hit with irresistible energy and catchy hooks.

Manila Killa, MYRNE, RUNN – “Center of the World”

MYRNE reunites with Manila Killa and RUNN for their latest release, “Center of the World.” This euphoric journey pays homage to the golden era of EDM while infusing a fresh club-centered twist. This track’s buzzy trance synths, cinematic bass, and smoky atmosphere transport listeners to a realm where the past meets the future, capturing the essence of MYRNE and Manila Killa’s influences from their memorable DJ set five years ago. With RUNN’s ethereal vocals adding a captivating touch, “Center of the World” is a testament to the power of musical collaboration and a dazzling beacon on the modern dancefloor. In addition, MYRNE shares: “I was perusing my discography and noticed I had no true-to-form ‘bangers’ I sat down with my regular collaborator Manila Killa and we had the intention of making a track like that. It also elevates a lot of my prior melodic influences, so it came through really naturally.”

Wuki – “Sunshine (My Girl)”

Wuki has been relentless with his infectious and nostalgia inducing release, and this latest one is no different. Today, the Los Angeles-based producer drops “Sunshine (My Girl),” offering his take on the soul hit originally recorded by The Temptations and written by Smokey Robinson and Ronnie White from The Miracles. The single radiates pure summer vibes with its upbeat melodies, feel-good atmosphere and vocals that will instantly out a smile on your face.

Deeper Purpose — “Get Up”

London based DJ and producer Deeper Purpose demands that you “Get Up and Dance” with his latest release. The funk-infused dance single creates a vibrant atmosphere with groovy bass-lines, crisp guitar riffs, and propulsive energy that forces an irresistible urge to dance. This dancefloor anthem showcases Deeper Purposes’ knack for crafting groovy, high-energy tunes that are sure to ignite any party or club scene.

Kino Todo, Trilion – “Raver”

In a brilliant showcase of Tel Aviv’s vibrant music scene, Kino Todo and Trilion unite for the exhilarating anthem “Raver.” Released under Diplo’s Higher Ground label, this track seamlessly blends dancehall vocals and the euphoria of rave music. Kino Todo’s techno-infused interpretation elevates the tune with a commanding bassline and soaring piano chords, making it a must-play for peak hours on the dancefloor. This collaboration is a testament to the diverse musical talents emerging from Tel Aviv, and it’s no surprise that it’s finding its place in the sets of electronic heavyweights like Diplo and Solomun.

Hayden James, AR/CO – “We Could Be Love”

Hayden James teams up with electro-pop duo AR/CO for their latest single, “We Could Be Love,” released through Future Classic. This track showcases James’ signature dancefloor melodies and emotional lyrics, with AR/CO’s ethereal vocals blending seamlessly. ‘We Could Be Love’ is an uplifting and anthemic house-pop gem, adding to Hayden James’ impressive catalog, and it’s set to light up venues on his upcoming tour, including Red Rocks and the Hollywood Palladium. With the release, Hayden James says, “I loved writing this record with the crazy talented AR/CO legends. This song feels like it was made for the heat of summer with the super dreamy gang vocals and 90’s rave vibes. I’m really excited for people to hear this one.” AR/CO adds, “‘We Could Be Love’ has been on repeat since we wrote it in LA in January, it’s anthemic and uplifting. It’s something we can imagine at hot summer day festivals and equally sweaty night rave spots. Working with Hayden has been like working with a mate, he’s all Aussie charm and talent. 1/2 of our duo is Australian and it felt like a 360 moment for Mali, so we’re super excited to have this slice of nostalgia out in the world together!”

Adriatique, WhoMadeWho – “Miracle”

Swiss duo Adriatique and Danish trio WhoMadeWho unite on “Miracle,” released via RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Rose Avenue Records. This enchanting collaboration seamlessly blends melodic techno and synth-pop, capturing the euphoria of romantic compatibility with angelic vocals. Adriatique’s dance roots merge effortlessly with WhoMadeWho’s genre-bending sensibilities, making “Miracle” an entrancing composition that marks their first proper collaboration. Adriatique share, “Good things come to those who wait“ is normally not the right quote when making music but in the case of Miracle it is true. This was one of the projects which had given us an immediate excitement but ultimately it took time to make it what it is today. Thanks to the very talented WhoMadeWho and everyone involved in this collaboration.” WhoMadeWho continue, “With heartfelt gratitude, we join hands with Adriatique for our upcoming single ‘Miracle’. Our deepest thanks go out to Rose Avenue for giving us the platform to share this unique creation with the world. ‘Miracle’ is a tribute to that extraordinary feeling you might experience while looking into the eyes of your most beloved. When you connect on a deeper level. When everything makes sense. You are invincible and nothing can harm you.” 

SAYMYNITTI, SAYMYNAME, NITTI – “I Like My Techno / Misbehave”

SAYMYNAME and NITTI unite under the name SAYMYNITTI for a thrilling journey back to the 90s and early 2000s rave culture with their double-single release, featuring “I Like My Techno” and “Misbehave.” Hailing from Los Angeles, SAYMYNITTI masterfully blends old school trance and high-octane techno, delivering a sonic experience that’s both nostalgic and cutting-edge. “I Like My Techno” enchants with its robotic lyrics and an electrifying drop, while “Misbehave” seduces with sultry vocals and a driving beat, defining the epitome of acid techno. These anthems promise to ignite dance floors and keep the sonic chaos alive well into the early morning hours.

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