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BASSTOPIA: Top Bass and Dubstep Bangers of the Week


by Connor Smith
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“Around Me”

RL Grime

RL Grime‘s latest release, “Around Me,” is a breathe of fresh air as it encapsulates his unparalleled prowess in the realm of electronic music. From the very first notes, the track immerses listeners in a world of ethereal soundscapes, blending emotive melodies with intricately layered production. RL Grime‘s signature use of heavy bass and dynamic rhythms is on full display here, creating an irresistible energy that pulses throughout every beat. “Around Me” showcases his ability to weave elements of trap, future bass, and experimental electronica into a cohesive and captivating composition. With its evocative atmosphere and meticulous attention to detail, “Around Me” stands as a shining example of RL Grime‘s continued evolution as a boundary-pushing producer.

“Where You At”

Flux Pavillion x Conrank

Flux Pavilion and Conrank‘s latest collaboration, “Where You At,” is an electrifying journey into the heart of bass music innovation. This track exemplifies their collective mastery of sound design and musical creativity from the very first drop. “Where You At” unleashes a torrent of bass-driven energy while maintaining simplicity throughout, enveloping the listener in a pulsating groove that demands movement. The track’s infectious rhythm, accompanied by Flux Pavilion‘s signature melodic prowess and Conrank‘s knack for intricate production, creates an immersive experience that’s both euphoric and adrenaline-pumping. 


Dirt Monkey x SIPPY

Dirt Monkey and SIPPY’s latest collaboration, “Bassface,” is a bass music aficionado’s dream come true. This track is a relentless auditory assault that unleashes a cacophony of heavy basslines, aggressive drops, and an infectious energy that would leave anyone listening with the ever recognizable “bass face”. With an unmistakable fusion of dubstep, riddim, and trap elements, “Bassface” is a rollercoaster ride through the depths of bass music. Dirt Monkey‘s expertise in crafting mind-bending sound design and SIPPY‘s penchant for gritty, high-energy compositions are on full display here.

“On Demand” EP


Throughout Evalution’s “On Demand” EP, the dubstep producer employs meticulous sound design, expertly layered textures, and finely tuned rhythms, creating a rich tapestry of sound that any bass music connoisseur can appreciate. This EP is not just a collection of songs; it’s a narrative, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in Evalution‘s world of electronic exploration. The “On Demand” EP serves as a testament to Evalution‘s dedication to pushing the boundaries of electronic music while offering a profound and unforgettable auditory experience.



Deadcrow‘s newest single, “EMBERLIGHT“, begins with haunting synth textures and ethereal atmospheres, setting an eerie yet alluring tone. As “EMBERLIGHT” progresses, listeners are drawn deeper into its enigmatic embrace by pulsating basslines and carefully crafted percussion. Deadcrow‘s production prowess shines through with a perfect balance of restraint and intensity, creating an soundscape that is both foreboding and captivating.

“Serpent Of Old” (Caster Remix)

Seven Lions x Nostalghia x Caster

Caster‘s remix of Seven Lions‘ “Serpent of Old” is a unique reimagining of a beloved electronic music classic. This remix takes the ethereal and cinematic elements of the original track and infuses it with Caster‘s own unique sonic signature, resulting in a captivating and emotionally charged musical experience. From the very beginning, Caster sets a mystical tone with an ominous environment and haunting vocal samples, drawing the listener into a world of enchantment. As the remix progresses, it skillfully builds tension and anticipation with expertly layered synths and percussion, leading to a crescendo of euphoric energy.


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BASSTOPIA: Top Bass and Dubstep Bangers of the Week


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