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Bleu Clair releases Prelude EP via Insomniac Records

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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The Indonesian-born artist Bleu Clair has had a stellar 2021 with a multitude of singles, remixes, and live performances. As the year comes to a close, Bleu Clair releases his biggest project to date: Prelude EP.

The six track EP immerses listeners in the staple sound of Bleu Clair. “Have Me All” serves as the introductory track for the EP. The previously released track, featuring Jelita, has already garnered over 1 million streams with its hypnotizing groove with ethereal synths and vocalizations. Two other previously released tracks, “Hyperspace” featuring Teza Sumendra and “Amani” with Jargen, are also added into the all house music EP.

Hyperspace” follows the soulful vocal performance of Teza Sumendra with illustrious synth work soaring over the vibrant percussion elements. The moody tech house track  “Amani” finds similarities with a brand new track on the EP, “Play Jana,” with its enchanting vocal line, propelling bass lines, and momentous groove. Bleu Clair also releases a brand new single titled “El Pasado” and a collaboration with Cheyenne Giles titled “Chemistry.” The Prelude EP makes for a great addition to the future of house music!

Prelude EP by Bleu Clair was released on Friday, December 10th, 2021, via Insomniac Records.

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