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Creel releases Debut Single “Cannibale”

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Creel drops monstrous bass house track “Cannibale” as he makes his debut onto the music scene.

The up and coming DJ and artist known as Creel hails from Groningen, The Netherlands. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Hans Zimmer and Woodkid, Creel blends cinematic qualities with his signature-take on bass house. Through his vision, the rising artist has dubbed his own sub-genre, “Cinematic House,” to capture the essence behind his productions. The cinematic experience comes to life with his visuals and creative story-telling he envisions to share with fans. After spending 6 months under the mentorship of Fabian Mazur, Creel is ready to step onto the scene in grand fashion.

Cannibale” becomes Creel’s debut track, and is a strong start for the newcomer. The lyrical rhythmic guitar, mystical vocals, and sublte percussion introduce the track. Creel shifts gear with a gritty bass house drop. The dynamic bass line drives the track with its precise distortion and layering. The strong drop does not over power the more delicate and intricate elements of the track, yet takes the listener through the story Creel wishes to tell.

Regarding  “Cannibale” and his musical endeavor, Creel tells us:

“Like I mentioned, I try to combine cinematic elements and stories to my tracks. In this case I wanted to let my fans feel an African atmosphere, dwelling through the desert when suddenly the Cannibale mystic person shows up in the dessert. Is it a fata morgana or is it real? That’s why I combined the African vocals and guitar with the bass house drop. It also explains my cover art which really elevates the story behind the track.”

With such a strong start with “Cannibale,” what will Creel deliver next? 

“Cannibale” by Creel was released on October 31st, 2021. 

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