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Beyond the Beats with Mike Williams: Exclusive ADE Interview

Stagehoppers sits down with Dutch DJ & Producer Mike Williams to discuss his upcoming releases, dream collab, and more.

by Andrea Simon
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If you’re a fan of progressive house, big room, or electro house, chances are you’ve heard of Mike Williams. The 26 year old has also been continually redefining the house music scene, with touches in the popular Gen-Z sub-genres of future bounce and future bass as well. His ultramodern sound takes fans on a sonic journey to the future, helping him garner his nearly 3 million monthly Spotify listeners. The ‘Lullaby‘ producer has also collaborated with some of the best in the game, including R3HAB, Lucas & Steve, Afrojack, and Mesto.

Stagehoppers contributor Andrea Simon had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Williams at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) a few weeks ago.

Let’s talk new music, new releases. Can you tell us about any upcoming songs you plan to release soon?

I just released a track with Quintino. The ‘Let Me Be Your Fantasy’ track. It’s an old sample. And yeah, I’m working on a couple of collabs as well.

Can you tell us about those?

So end of this year, I’m still releasing two tracks- tracks that I’ve been playing in my sets for a long time. [These are tracks] that a lot of fans have been asking about, like, “are you finally releasing it?” So finally, those are going to be coming out. Also, the intro that I used for my last few shows, together with Firebeatz, that one is going to come out, and the one with Robbie Mendez too. And then next year, I’m working on a collab with Timmy Trumpet. That one is kind of finished. There’s a collab with Audien coming up too, also [at the] beginning of next year. So a lot of new music, and I have some pretty cool solo tracks. I’m keeping my same style, but I’m going a little bit further. But in what way? I don’t know.

One of my favorite tracks that you’ve released recently is ‘Down the River’. I remember hearing you play that at Tomorrowland this year. Could you talk about the process that went into making that song?

Yeah, I mean, the song itself really got me. It’s very emotional track. And that’s what I like to do, emotional songs combined with dance music. I think the production was really good, and I can see that people like it. When I play it, it was always a good vibe- an emotional vibe. I think it’s the same with ‘Wait Another Day‘, for example. It has an emotional touch, and I really like that.

Let’s talk about your performances. What is your favorite show that you have ever played?

I have done so many shows, especially the last few years. I have had so many highlights in terms of shows. But I think what impressed me the most was the first time playing Tomorrowland’s Main Stage. That was 2019. That was a dream. When I was young, when I was 14 or 15, I was at Tomorrowland. It wasn’t that big [then], but it was one of the biggest festivals to play [at], together with Ultra and EDC. So I think that- standing there on stage, coming up, hearing the intro, and walking up- that was one of those wild moments for me.

Do you have a most embarrassing moment that has occurred during a show that you would like to share with us?

I had one that was, I think. it was Spain this year or last year. I walked on the stage, the intro was playing, everything was super nice. It was a big show, and when I walked up, somehow [at] the moment I stood up, the sound cut off. So it was like, literally, the whole intro was playing for one and a half minutes, and then when I walk up- silence.

What did you do?

Well, I grabbed the mic, I was like, “well, uh yeah”.  I wanted to say something, [as] it was the first time people saw me, so it was really awkward. I mean, I guess that’s the most critical point in the set that you don’t want the sound to cut off, and it did. But at the end, the show was really nice, and I guess it’s also how you deal with it afterwards- just having fun on stage, and so on.

Five years from now, where do you see yourself?

That’s a good question. I mean, I want to produce music, probably, my whole life. I get so much energy from that- making music, writing music- it’s just so much fun. Doing shows, I hope I can do it for a long time and I really like it still. So, I think in five years, I will still be doing the same.

What kind of advice do you have to offer for young DJs, artists, producers, vocalists, etc., that are trying to get involved in the EDM scene?

It’s very, I think, it’s the most difficult time right now to go through- to breakthrough. You have to be really smart with social media, but you also have to be a producer, and you have to build a good show and be a good DJ. So those three things are quite difficult to nail. But I guess for me, personally, it starts with good music. It starts with being a good producer and really touching people with music. I think from there, if you’re a little bit good in social media, you can promote it a little bit. That’s already a really good, huge step. And it’s also just trial and error. Just keep going, keep going, and promote your music, send it to other DJs, make sure that other DJs play it, find your unique sound. I think that’s really important.

Tell us about your dream collaboration

My dream collab? I mean, it used to be a collab with Avicii (rest in peace). That was when I started DJing, and he was THE big guy. Also his melodies, I was just loving them. And I’m still am. I would also say, it would be so sick to do something a little bit more out of the box. Maybe like Coldplay. Like more that size, more like towards a band. They’re also so melodic. Obviously they’re super big, so it’s a really, really small chance, I know, but they’re definitely a good one.


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