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Behind the Scenes with Lucas & Steve: Exclusive ADE Interview

Stagehoppers sits down with Dutch DJ duo Lucas & Steve as they discuss their favorite stage moments, best releases, and more.

by Andrea Simon
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Dutch DJ duo powerhouse Lucas & Steve have seen a rise to stardom in recent years, with one consecutive hit after another and have received international recognition from platforms like DJ Mag, MTV, and more. They are known for adding their own unique twist to house music from progressive house to future house, and anywhere in between.

Not only are the an incredibly dynamic DJ duo on stage, but they are also two best friends who love what they do. Lucas and Steve are two incredibly humble and genuine people, who have become one of our favorite DJ duos to watch. They love giving back to their community, and try to do do as much as they can for their fans as possible. Our team had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with Lucas & Steve at ADE, as well as attending multiple Lucas & Steve events throughout ADE week.

Are you guys excited to be back at ADE?

Steve: Yes, I think we did it [ADE] for the first time seven or eight years ago… It’s always good to be back in Amsterdam for Amsterdam Dance Event.

What are you guys looking forward to most this weekend?

Lucas: We have a very strong focus this week on our own events and our own party- we have our flagship event ‘Lucas & Steve and Friends’ on Saturday, with a really crazy lineup that we’re super excited about. A lot of amazing artists, so that’s going to be sweet. But, also today, we are launching our new concept- actually we launched it last week in Tokyo for the first time- Lucas & Steve CNNCT– where we give a masterclass, work with artists, meet and greets, interviews and stuff, and we do a pop-up store. This is the second time we’re doing it, and even with a very special, exclusive Lucas & Steve set later in the evening.

What is your favorite show that you have ever played?

Steve: For me, Tomorrowland Main Stage. The last time we did it for sure- that was the fourth time we did Tomorrowland Main Stage and for me, that was the very best.

Lucas: That’s a very, very difficult one. Tomorrowland Main Stage is a very good one and a goal we had as well, but also more of an obvious one. Also, last week we played in Japan a couple of shows and this was actually our first big tour in Asia- because Asia took some time to open up after Covid. We were there for a month and we did only crazy shows. One of the highlights was in Tokyo at a sold out venue with 2,000 people. It was so crazy and an amazing one as well.

What is your favorite song that you have ever recorded?

Steve: That’s a good question. For me, it will be probably ‘I Want It All’, the melody is so good and it has kind of a magical vibe.

Lucas: I’m going to agree on that one, but also, we release new stuff that’s always like the current vibe that we’re in. So ‘What We Know’ that released two weeks ago is kind of my favorite right now.

One more questions for you guys- what advice would you give to upcoming DJs, producers, people who are just getting their feet wet in the music scene- what would you want to tell them?

Lucas: The main thing is always- but that’s an easy one and very obvious one- try to stand out with your music. But also, advice that we are giving out a lot lately to aspiring producers is copy all the music that you like. Really learn how to recreate mixing, sounds, etc. to learn from it. Don’t release it, of course, you don’t want to be that copycat producer, but you do want to copy it to learn from it. And then it becomes super valuable information and very valuable lessons that you learn from it. Trying to make this into your own is when you start standing out and getting the right skills to make it.

Steve: Work hard, very hard. If you want to be as good as them, you have to work. Be fully committed and have your mind full of music 24/7.


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