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Interview with Main Stage Rising Star: ALLEYCVT

by Nadia Khan
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Hailing from Northern Virginia, ALLEYCVT is an up-and-coming electronic music producer and DJ. Her talent lies in skillfully fusing alluring pop vocals with powerful bass drops, establishing her as a formidable presence in the music scene. Drawing inspiration from artists like Zeds Dead, Subtronics, and Ganja White Night, ALLEYCVT’s music production and sound design promise an electrifying experience, guaranteed to evoke intense bass-driven reactions while simultaneously captivating you with enchanting vocal melodies and catchy lyrics.

We had the pleasure to sit down with the rising star herself and I must say, she is one of the most genuine artists I have ever met. She’s unapologetically herself, immensely kind to her fans, and her passion for music & eagerness to produce has led her to performing mainstage at Freaky Deaky in Austin, TX.


You started as DJ playing shows in Virginia to playing big festivals including EDC, Bass Canyon, Lost Lands, now we’re here at Freaky Deaky for Halloween weekend. How did you get here?

It’s been a long journey. If I were to give you the whole story it would probably take like 7 hours, but I started my tour in September. It’s my first tour so I’m super excited. I’ve been playing so many different cities and having adventures left and right and I’m absolutely loving it. Halloween is my favorite holiday and this is my first Halloween festival.



Tell us a little bit about “GLITCH” your new unreleased track on Deadbeats and what went into it.

I’m so excited – Deadbeats is my favorite label and this is my first label release! And Zeds Dead is my favorite artist, so I think it aligns perfectly. Having a song being released on their label is a dream. 

GLITCH is one of my favorite tracks I have so far. For the people I have showed, they think it’s about love. But it’s about finding something that makes you feel like you can escape the monotony of everyday life – like the matrix – finding something that makes you feel alive. I think that’s so important for people to find, whether it’s a passion, a person, some sort of adventure, whatever it may be.


Disco Donnie/Feyline/Excision Presents’ Paradise Blue lineup just dropped! Is this your first overseas festival?

I actually had a few shows in Canada recently, so I’m an international DJ haha, so that was super cool. But yeah, this is my first time playing in Mexico. I’ve also heard great things about Paradise Blue, so I’m just really excited to be on the beach, next to the ocean just vibing and having a great time in the sunshine.


It’s so cool when two sick female artists come together. Can you share with us what it was like to work with Zingara on “Remember Me”?

I love her so much! She’s such a good human being, I absolutely adore her and making a song with her was such a fun time. It was so easy too. There were little hiccups along the way that had nothing to do with our creativity, just I had Ableton 10 and she had 11, so it was like this whole thing going back and forth, but it was still so easy to work with her. 



Do you have any mantras or quotes or words of advice you’d like to share with people?

This is gonna sound so cliche, but I always say cliches are cliches for a reason: be yourself. It is the most important thing you could ever do. And even if you feel stupid, if you feel dumb, if you feel cringy, just be yourself!

I feel like that’s something people nowadays try not to be because they overthink. If you just are yourself to your core and do exactly what you want, you will do what you want to do. I don’t know how it aligns, it just does! You will never please everybody, so the only thing you could possibly do is do what you want to do and the people that are meant to f*ck with you like that, will f*ck with you like that.


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