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Dive in with Drove: Exclusive ADE Interview

Meet Drove- the Dutch artist duo composed of Teun Wouters and Eli Salomons. Stage Hoppers sits down with them to discuss how they got their start, recent tracks, and more!

by Andrea Simon
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As two of the newer faces to have released on Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS, the rising artist duo Drove has already been turning heads in the music scene. Composed of Teun Wouters and Eli Salomons, Drove’s debut EP “Dusk” arrived in January of 2021. Since then, the two best friends have accomplished an incredible amount in a short period of time- collaborating with artists like Dillon Francis, Justin Caruso, and AREA 21. Drove has also already played at famous venues and festivals around the world, including Ushuaïa Ibiza, Tomorrowland, and Creamfields.

Stage Hoppers contributor Andrea Simon had the privilege of sitting down with the dynamic duo during Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) last month to ask them some popular questions:

So how did you guys meet?

Teun: We actually met each other in our hometown. We only didn’t go to the same school. But at some point, I wanted to meet new people, so I hopped over to Eli’s school. We ran into each other and ended up connecting over music. I think that was back in 2015/2016.

Eli: I remember he was just walking around introducing himself to people and interrupting conversations (*laughs*), but we connected really well. When we found out we both made music, we wanted to get together and make something right away. We’ve really been doing that ever since. Just two best friends making music together since 2015. Then, around 2020, we decided to work on a bigger project together. And that’s where Drove was born.

Can you tell us about any upcoming music you are working on for Drove?

Eli: We just released our new EP, “Take Me Somewhere”, which we also did a big live video for and recorded it in Barcelona. That’s up on our YouTube channel right now. We played the instruments ourselves, we were singing the songs ourselves, playing from night until sunrise- that was crazy. So, we’re exploring the live music aspect a lot right now. And yeah, working on our next EP too, maybe with some interesting collaborations coming up. I think by the beginning of next year, we’ll definitely have some new stuff out there.

Speaking of collaborations, if you had to choose one artist to do a dream collab with, who would it be and why?

Eli: For sure, Rüfüs Du Sol. He has been a big inspiration for us and would be a dream collab for sure.

Teun: I’m think something similar, but also Coldplay. For me, that’s where it all started when it comes to music. When I was little, my father and I used to listen to the CD of Coldplay Live 2003. I would play it over and over again. So if we could make that happen one day- that would be the dream.

So Drove just played together at ADE, do you guys have any upcoming shows or performances planned?

Teun: Not at the moment- but we will soon for sure. Right now, we are trying to focus on the live thing. We’re trying to work really hard so we can get even better. Like Eli said- we just did the whole Barcelona video too. That’s what made us really feel like the live music aspect is something we want to proceed with. It’s just really cool to sing your songs live and play instruments almost like a band. I think we’re going to plan on that moving forward- at least at the moment- and make it more of a show.

Do you have a dream music festival or event that you would like to play at?

Teun: The Lollapalooza festivals would be really cool. I feel like we would be able to incorporate our live music aspect into their set-up, and that would be really awesome.

Eli: Coachella- yes please! I think that and Lollapalooza would be a really great fit for us since we are trying to move more into the live music space.

What advice would you give to any DJs, producers, etc., who are trying to get started in the industry?

Teun: When it comes to making music, stay true to yourself. Stay true to your own feelings. Don’t feel like because other artists are making other kinds of music, you have to do it as well. Make something that you really love yourself- because I think that’s the most important and most convincing part of making music. Furthermore, connect with a lot of people. Connect with smaller artists, bigger artists, really anybody that you can because you never know what might pop up.

Eli: I fully agree. I think a week like ADE is a perfect example of that. You meet people that you would never expect to meet, and don’t be afraid to ask to try working on something together. It’s really important to try to make things happen- because you never know!

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