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BASSTOPIA: Top Bass and Dubstep Bangers of the Week


by Connor Smith
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Crankdat, the hardcore dubstep maestro, is known for his boundary-pushing tracks that deliver an adrenaline rush. His latest release, “STFU,” not only upholds his reputation but also went viral when an edited clip showed pop sensation Taylor Swift headbanging to its infectious beat. The track cleverly melds the chorus of the award-winning hit “Anti Hero” into Crankdat‘s signature dubstep style, complete with machine gun-like soundscapes, making it an instant classic that showcases his unique fusion of musical elements and boundless energy.



Dropping his latest “DEMAGOGUE OF OBLIVION” EP via Malignant Music, the Australian based producer MARAUDA delivers another rage filled project to add to his intense discography. Contained in the EP are three tracks, each comprised of intense rhythms and devastating drops that MARAUDA fans have grown to crave. For those looking to release some energy, crank the “DEMAGOGUE OF OBLIVION” EP to max volume and prepare for some neck breaking beats!



Known for his typically calm and bass-heavy tracks, Jauz takes a thrilling departure with his latest album, “WRATH OF THE WICKED.” The title doesn’t disappoint, as Jauz dives into a more intense production style, featuring high-octane beats, hardcore drums, and mind-bending drops over the course of his 6-track project.

“Turn The Tide”


In their latest collaboration, producers Heyz and DNMO have unleashed “Turn The Tide,” an instant bass classic. Featuring the skilled vocals of MAYLYN, this single is a masterpiece from beginning to end. With captivating lyrics intertwined with enchanting synths, the track steadily builds to an exhilarating bass-filled drop. “Turn The Tide” is destined to become a festival anthem, seamlessly combining all the elements of a timeless dubstep track.

“Crimson” EP

Super Future

Michigan native, Super Future‘s, “Crimson” EP is a four-track adventure that delves deep into his bass-heavy style. From rock-inspired melodies in the title track ‘Crimson‘ to rap-infused ‘Penthouse,’ the EP exemplifies his genre-blurring approach. It features the festival-ready energy found in his previous work, including the saucy single ‘Bassline‘ with Wreckno, and introduces new collaborations with MontyCler and rSUN. With its powerful basslines, captivating vocals, and crisp percussion, “Crimson” aligns seamlessly with the culture of Rezz’s HypnoVizion label.

“Control” VIP


Blanke‘s latest rendition of his track “Control” demonstrates his exceptional production prowess. With meticulous precision, he crafts a sonic journey by intertwining intricate melodies, pulsating basslines, and dynamic drum patterns. The result is a composition that captivates listeners from beginning to end. The drops within the “Control” VIP version hit with a visceral force, compelling even the most reluctant to groove to its beat. Blanke‘s ability to infuse an entirely new vibe into this already successful track is truly remarkable, showcasing his creativity and musical versatility.

“Square One” EP

The Living Proof

Released via Circus Records, The Living Proof’s newest EP, “Square One“, is a testament to his producing ability. With one foot in the melodic bass scene and one foot in the heavy bass scene, The Living Proof‘s unique approach to EDM shines through in “Square One“, captivating listeners with his futuristic sounds and melodic bass driven sound design. With an objective to capture that classic bass music vibe with modern elements, The Living Proof is set to make waves through the dance music community.

“All Of A Sudden”


Dubstep heavyweight Megalodon releases his newest project, “All Of A Sudden“, via Never Say Die records. His technical mixing style and rhythmic flow pours into each beat of “All Of A Sudden“, creating a beautifully chaotic track that will captivate the attention of bass music enthusiasts and headbangers alike. Having had a long line of successful hits, Megalodon strikes gold again with this instant dubstep classic “All Of A Sudden“.


Saka x Jianbo

Experimental producer Saka collabs with Chinese-Vietnamese-British rapper Jianbo to create their single “Wanchai“. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic variety of leftfield electronic as well as his hometown of Hong Kong, “Wanchai” wields a sound palette that is both carefully intricate yet chaotically destructive. With the incorporation of Jainbo‘s aggressive lyrics and Sake‘s wonky bass style, “Wanchai” is a great track when you’re looking for a unique and original sound to vibe to. 

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