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House Cat Hits: Top House Music Release of the Week

Edition [09.22.23]

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Another week of Stage Hoppers’ House Cat Hits is here! Dive into the world of infections house music, thunderous techno, and more! As always, we’ve put together an assortment of captivating tunes that are sure to ignite the dance floor. This week we features music from Martin Garrix, VNSSA, Knock2, and more! Allow the music to carry you away as we embark on a new month filled with rhythm, energy, and unforgettable experiences.

Martin Garrix, Lloyiso – “Real Love”

Martin Garrix and Lloyiso have teamed up to deliver “Real Love,” a captivating track that seamlessly merges Garrix’s electronic dance music prowess with Lloyiso’s soulful vocals. The result is a sublime blend of musical styles that exudes euphoria. “Real Love” features a vibrant melody and passionate vocals that effortlessly glide over the bubbling and groovy atmosphere.  This versatile release by Garrix and Lloyiso not only beckons listeners to the dance-floor but pulls at their heartstrings.

Knock2, Dillon Franics – “buttons!”

“buttons!” is an electrifying collaboration between two heavyweights in the electronic music scene, Knock2 and Dillon Francis. This track is an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster ride through a sonic wonderland. “buttons!” is a certified dancefloor banger, with its irresistible drop and infectious energy that’s bound to have crowds moving. 

Gorgon City, Julia Church, Space Motion – “A Lot Like Heaven” (Space Motion Remix)

Space Motion’s remix of “A Lot Like Heaven” by Gorgon City and Julia Church takes this already mesmerizing track to new heights. With a deep and ethereal atmosphere, Space Motion’s interpretation infuses the song with a hypnotic groove that’s impossible to resist. Julia Church’s hauntingly beautiful vocals are complemented by Space Motion’s masterful production, creating a sense of euphoria that truly feels like heaven. The remix seamlessly combines elements of melodic house and deep techno, making it a versatile addition to DJ sets for those seeking an otherworldly musical journey.

VNSSA – “One Pill”

VNSSA‘s eagerly awaited single, “One Pill,” has finally landed on Dirtybird Records, and it’s nothing short of a dancefloor triumph. Premiered during Dirtybird’s takeover at Ultra Music Festival, the track quickly became one of the most sought-after IDs during Miami Music Week, garnering praise from industry heavyweights like Diplo, LP Giobbi, DJ Tennis, and Nala. “One Pill” cleverly samples Jefferson Airplane‘s iconic “White Rabbit,” seamlessly blending psychedelic guitar melodies with a pulsating bassline and thick kicks. The result is a hypnotic, addictive masterpiece that has been setting festival stages and clubs ablaze all summer long, solidifying VNSSA’s ascent in the world of dance music. 

Marten Hørger – “Love All Night”

Love All Night” by Marten Hørger is an absolute dancefloor gem. Hørger’s production prowess shines through with crisp beats and a thumping bassline that drives the energy from start to finish. The vocal samples add an extra layer of catchiness, making it a perfect party anthem. “Love All Night” continues to display Hørger’s ability to craft tracks that keep the crowd moving, and it’s bound to be a favorite among both DJs and fans from festivals to clubs.

longstoryshort – “All In My Head”

Longstoryshort, a standout producer at the forefront of the bass house wave, makes a compelling debut on Tchami‘s  Confession imprint with “All In My Head.” This track showcases a softer side of bass house, expertly blending future, house, and indie pop elements into a mesmerizing single. The production intricacies on “All In My Head” are captivating, and it finds the perfect home on Tchami’s label, Confession. Longstoryshort’s ability to effortlessly combine storytelling finesse with eclectic bass sounds has earned him recognition from industry heavyweights like Dr. Fresch and Don Diablo. With a dynamic evolution of his sonic journey, including groundbreaking EPs, singles, and remixes, Longstoryshort continues to captivate audiences, making his mark as a musical craftsman whose tales linger far beyond the speakers.

Spartaque, Marie Vaunt – “Escape”

Escape” by Spartaque and Marie Vaunt is a techno powerhouse that doesn’t hold back. From the very first beat, the track immerses you in a relentless, pulsating rhythm that demands your attention. Marie Vaunt’s haunting vocals add an eerie allure to the intense, driving techno soundscape crafted by Spartaque. The combination of gritty, industrial elements and Vaunt’s ethereal voice creates a unique juxtaposition that sets “Escape” apart in the techno realm.


CHYL‘s latest collaboration with ZOOTAH, “Let Go,” is a rampant journey into the world of Speed House. Fresh off her Dim Mak debut EP, CHYL and ZOOTAH combine their talents to deliver a track that’s nothing short of a sonic thrill ride. “Let Go” hooks you in with its infectious pop melodies before hitting you with hard-hitting basslines and jetting synths that take you to another dimension. The track’s expertly crafted build-ups create an atmosphere of anticipation that culminates in euphoric drops, leaving your spirit soaring. 

Regarding the release CHYL shares:

With ‘Let Go’ ZOOTAH and I combined an emotional vocal with a pumping drop, creating a musical experience that makes your heart race.

ZOOTAH continue:

As soon as we discovered CHYL, we knew – we need to get a massive tune done together.” – ZOOTAH

Darren Styles, Toneshifterz – “Wasted”

Wasted” is a highly-anticipated hard dance track that masterfully fuses Psy and UK Hardcore elements, promising an electrifying dancefloor experience. With a track record of thrilling audiences since 2018, it’s become a staple in the sets of renowned DJs like Da Tweekaz, Stonebank, and Hixxy. Darren Styles, an iconic figure in UK Hardcore, has consistently pushed boundaries, performing at prestigious festivals worldwide, while Toneshifterz, an Australian Hard Dance ambassador, has garnered international recognition with viral hits and genre-blurring sets. As festival season winds down, Darren is gearing up to create fresh music in his new studio, and fans can catch “Wasted” live at Escape Halloween on October 27th, while Toneshifterz continues to pack venues across the globe, including upcoming performances at major events like I AM HARDSTYLE in Poland and Hardstyle Superheroes in Scotland, showcasing the infectious energy of “Wasted.”

Darren Styles shares:

 Toneshifterz and I have been friends for years, so it made sense to finally get together on a track. I’ve been a huge fan of his sound, so I really wanted to fuse our sounds together. “Wasted” was really fun to make and it’s the first new music that I’ve released in months, so I hope the fans will be as excited as I am for this new music.”

Then, Toneshifterz adds:

We were just looking to make a party banger, there are some Psy influences in “Wasted,” and definitely hardstyle, hard dance, and UK Hardcore influence. Me and Darren would just send bits and pieces to each other and would slowly piece it together. Darren was showing me this cool vocal hook in the track and I really loved it, so we just ended up proceeding with it!”

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