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House Cat Hits: Top House Music Release of the Week

Edition [09.15.23]

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Welcome back to House Cat Hits, your portal into world of electrifying house music, and more! Dive into a sonic adventure where the soothing warmth of house rhythms harmonizes with the crispness of the changing season. In this edition, we’ve curated a selection of soul-stirring tracks that are bound to set the dancefloor ablaze. Let the music transport you as we kick off a fresh month filled with beats, vibes, and unforgettable moments.

Odd Mob, OMNOM – “Losing Control”

Well, it’s finally here! Odd Mob and OMNOM‘s drop the highly anticipated “Losing Control,” and it’s just want we needed heading into the weekend. This collaboration effortlessly merges their distinct styles to deliver a pulsating, high-energy track that’s already become a festival favorite. The thunderous bass, infectious beats and hypnotic synths keep the energy levels soaring, while the catchy hook resonates through the atmosphere. “Losing Control” is a testament to both artists’ production prowess, promising an electrifying experience for anyone who hits the dancefloor.

Chris Lake, Aluna – “More Baby” + VIP

Chris Lake and Aluna return with a blazing new track, “More Baby,” following the success of their hit “Beggin‘.” This dynamic duo, known for their chart-topping prowess, delivered another scorching banger released through Black Book Records/Astralwerks. Co-produced by Lake and Aluna, and co-written with Marco Parisi and Giampaolo Parisi, who’ve worked with heavyweights like Swedish House Mafia and the Black Eyed Peas, “More Baby” is a testament to their musical prowess. Lake gave fans a taste of this gem during his Coachella set with FISHER, building anticipation.

Biscits, Camden Cox – “365”

Biscits and Camden Cox deliver an electrifying new track with “365.” This collaboration showcases their undeniable chemistry with commanding attention. With its hypnotizing groove and Cox’s alluring vocals, “365” is a dance-floor anthem that’s bound to keep listeners grooving all year round. The production intricacies and sound design truly make this a standout release that you don’t want to miss out on.

Lilly Palmer – “The Violator”

Lilly Palmer‘s releases her new single, “The Violator.” With its dark, atmospheric undertones and pulsating beats, the track draws listeners into a hypnotic trance. Palmer’s expert use of tension and release creates an exhilarating experience, making “The Violator” a transfixing journey in the realm of techno. Palmer’s skill as a producer reverberate through the extensive track and  resonate with fans of the genre seeking an immersive and entrancing musical adventure.

Mau P, Swedish House Mafia – “Ray Of Solar” – Mau P Remix

Mau P‘s remix of “Ray Of Solar” by Swedish House Mafia takes this iconic track to new heights. With a fresh perspective, Mau P infuses the single with his hard-hitting tech house. The remix seamlessly blends the ethereal vocal from the original with Mau P’s own style, shifting the listener into a dark club atmosphere with dominating bass-lines and eerie melodies.

Diplo, Walker & Royce, Channel Tres – “Diamond Therapy”

Diamond Therapy” erupts in full force today. Diplo, Walker & Royce, and Channel Tres craft a blend of house, hip-hop, and techno that highlights their own unique perspectives. Channel Tres’ distinctive vocals add a layer of sophistication to the infectious beats and groovy basslines, making it impossible not to move to the rhythm. 


BRKLYN deliver their inaugural offering on Dim Mak, the REMODEL EP. With a deft touch, they navigate the vast sea of House music, offering a multifaceted listening experience that’s nothing short of captivating. “Ocean” and “Rock With Me” beckon you to the dancefloor with their infectious four-on-the-floor rhythms, a nostalgic nod to the genre’s roots. However, BRKLYN isn’t content to tread familiar waters, as “Shuffle” and “Believer” unveil their melodic prowess, a testament to their production finesse. But it’s the standout track, “Only Fanz,” that encapsulates the essence of this EP—a tantalizing fusion of organic house vibes and cheeky vocal lyricism. REMODEL is a journey through the ever-evolving landscape of BRKLYN’s artistry, a testament to their ability to push sonic boundaries. 

Court T. – “QUEENLOVE”

Today, Cour T. releases “QUEENLOVE,” the fourth and final single off his forthcoming debut album Brain Deals. Following singles ‘TRiPPPY’, ‘2D5’ and ‘TRiiiBAILE’, this next installments offers insight into the Brazilian and tech-house style of Curitiba-based DJ and producer. With robust bass-lines, crisp percussion, and hypnotic melodies, “QUEENLOVE” carries vivid colors amongst the backdrop of zesty energy and psychedelic atmosphere. And, don’t miss out on Cour T.’s forthcoming debut album Brain Deals, due out on October 6th, via Dirtybird records.

ODESZA – “In The Rain”

And, there’s no better way to end this week’s picks with a true gem from ODESZA. Today, the multi-talented and eclectic electronic group releases their latest single “In The Rain.” With its exuberant yet delicate energy captures the attention immediately. Vibrant and pulsating synths fill the atmosphere while bustling percussion propel the track forward. The glimmering vocal sample glides atop the lush instrumental atmosphere.

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