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Visionary Artist DROELOE’s Debut Solo Album ‘The Art of Change’


by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Vincent Rooijers, known as DROELOE, unveils his avant-garde indie/electronic masterpiece, The Art of Change, marking his solo debut after parting ways with his artistic partner, Hein Hamers. This album embarks on a captivating journey through time and space, utilizing recorded voice memos as a profound ‘feedback loop,’ enabling DROELOE to engage in dialogues with his past and future selves. Snippets extracted from audio cassettes and journal entries serve as catalysts for personal growth, evoking emotions of resolution, motivation, gratitude, and fearlessness at different junctures in life. Accompanied by artist Funi’s stunning 360-degree animated ‘worlds,’ each track transforms into a place that both Rooijers and his devoted fans can revisit, making The Art of Change a mesmerizing sonic and visual experience.

DROELOE shares:

This album is a collection of ideas that I find important within my own personal development. It is a journey to turn these ideas into songs and symbolic places, one that helps me to visit those ideas more often. I want to become a more active participant in my own growth, this album is a step in that direction.”

US Headlining Tour Dates

22 Sept- Wonder Ballroom, Portland OR

23 Sept- Showbox, Seattle, WA

7 Oct- Ogden, Denver CO 

12 Oct- 1015 Folsom, San Francisco CA

14 Oct – Fonda, Los Angeles CA 

2023 San Holo Tour Support

15 Oct – Bogart’s, Cincinnati, OH

19 Oct – Agora, Cleveland, OH

21 Oct – Riverworks, Buffalo, NY

22 Oct – Majestic, Detroit, MI

26 Oct – Webster Hall, NYC

More About DROELOE


Life’s ebb and flow is something we can all relate to, but it’s how we channel and react to it that sets us apart. Producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Vincent Rooijers aka DROELOE shares his perspectives through an intricate kaleidoscope woven from the blistering combination of forward-thinking sounds and stunning visual art. It’s this stunning blend of introspective reflection meets real life memories and moments where the most interesting stories are created. The story of life with no boundaries between chaos and order. The Unexpected Odyssey.

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