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Dirtybird Records reignites the ‘Players Compilation’

feat. Bruno Furlan, Arnold & Lane, n808 & more

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Dirtybird Records releases their highly-anticipated Players Compilation, a collection of the label’s rising stars and fresh talents. Plus, this release pairs with the upcoming phase of the Dirtybird Players Tour, hitting major cities like Detroit, Las Vegas, Miami, and more.

A decade after the debut of Dirtybird Players, initiated by Claude VonStroke, the label revives the concept with a new lineup of emerging artists as the vanguards of the label’s evolving sound and culture.

The compilation commences with the infectious “Another Planet” VIP edit by DJ Glen and Bruno Furlan resulting in a dynamic tech-house revision of their 2019 hit collaboration. Mike Kerrigan contributes an exuberant VIP edit of his 2020 track “I Caught A Vibe,” with Claude VonStroke. Next, Arad Maor offers up a vivacious and unique experience with “London Town.” Following suit is LA-based duo Arnold & Lane with “Amplify Your Vibe,”  a certain dance floor groover of sultry nature.

As we approach the mid point of the compilation, n808 brings a playful tech-house vibe in ‘The Cats Pajamas” while Mike Kerrigan returns with the eerie “Dark Play.”Brazilian duo Malik Mustache and Las Vegas producer Teklow join forces for the vibrant track “Cha Cha Cha,” succeeded by the enchanting “Mind Game” from Two Tails. Lastly, Lennard Ellis adds the effervescent “Bubble House,” while Jaksan concludes the compilation with the entrancing “Deeper” tones.

This 10-track collection encapsulates the eclectic artistry of this year’s Dirtybird Players, showcasing their innovative sounds and genre-blending expertise. Mirroring the 2013 tradition, the compilation will be accompanied by a live tour scheduled for this Fall. Dirtybird invites the flock to stream the official Dirtybird Players Compilation out now and grab tickets to the Dirtybird Players Tour here.

Dirtybird Players Tour

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