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Imagine Music Festival 2023 Festival Review

by Babs_Lyfe
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Imagine Music festival 2023 was on for the books. With their 2nd year at the kingston Downs location just outside of Atlanta, Imagine brought some major upgrades and 4 Stages to give festival goers a variety of edm genres to choose from. Here is my review of Imagine 2023 below. 


Let’s start with the venue this year in comparison to last year. In 2022 The festival was spread out with large pockets of space that were not being used. It even took about 15-20 minutes to walk from the main stage to the Amazonia Stage. Imagine 2023 had heard festival goers complaints and shortened up the walk from main stage to the Amazonia stage by about half the time. Imagine Also switched the location of their main stage to where the house stage was in 2022, which was a great move to allow easier movement for festival goers who mainly travel between two bigger stages. The rest of the venue was otherwise very spacious and I never felt overly packed at any of the stages even during some of the bigger acts of the weekend, and on top of that there were multiple routes to travel in between all the stages. 

Moving onto the stages for 2023, Imagine Festival had completely revamped their two main stages this year for the better. Main stage saw an entirely new look with more upgrades. These upgrades were larger screens for more visuals, extra pyro, and lastly Lasers that compete with the other big name festivals. The Amazonia Stage had a great new design that offered those up close a visual that was above the artist and just like the main stage also featured some new lasers, even ones that moved in waves. This stage has the best set up as there are some amphitheater style steps here that offer festival goers the ability to sit and enjoy the views of the stage. All in all Imagine music festival did a great job on upgrades to better the festival goers overall experience.

Imagine Music Festival 2023

Credit_ Don Idio __ @divisuals


Imagine Music Festival has always been known to bring a stacked lineup from all the different edm sub-genres to attracts a wide audience of festival goers. This year was no different, but they went above and beyond with featuring some B2B that were the first time in which they occurred. Feature acts like Ganja White Night b2b Subtronics not only attracted festival goers, but also had social media in a frenzy to see how the set went. Imagine also through in some surprise sets Like Chris Lake B2B Cloonee to close out the third and final day, which left the house crowd feeling extra special. All in all a wide variety of edm artists for all different sub genre listeners, and some heaters that blew the crowd away. 

Imagine Music Festival 2023

Credit_ Don Idio __ @divisuals


Imagine has always had a reputation as a southeast electronic music festival with good vibes and a great lineup and from what we saw that is spot on. The crowd was generally from all over the southeast from states like Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, the Carolina’s, with only a few outliers coming from farther away. WE had no bad experiences with crowd pushing or disrespectful festival goers but we can assume there are always a few bad apples in a bunch. Overall Imagine Music Festival had a great crowd vibe. 

Imagine Music Festival 2023

Credit_ DVPhotoVideo


Imagine Music Festival made some amazing changes this year and will continue to grow and be a big name player in the festival world. Keep their lineup on your radar and if given the opportunity make the journey to Imagine for a great festival weekend.

Imagine Music Festival 2023

Credit_ Don Idio __ @divisuals

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