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Top 5 Performances of Lost Lands 2023

As Lost Lands 2023 comes to an end, Stage Hoppers created a list of our favorite sets of the weekend

by Connor Smith
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Lost Lands, the annual musical extravaganza curated by the dubstep maestro Excision, has evolved into a magnetic pilgrimage for aficionados of bass music hailing from all corners of the globe. With its captivating prehistoric theme and awe-inspiring stage productions, Lost Lands immerses attendees in a sensory wonderland that perfectly complements the resounding beats of dubstep, riddim, and bass music. Every year, the festival boasts a lineup brimming with industry giants, cementing its status as a basshead’s utopia. In this article, we delve into the 5 most exceptional sets that graced Lost Lands, paying homage to the artists who left festival-goers spellbound.

5. Sullivan King

Sullivan King, the versatile producer and virtuoso guitarist, brought his distinctive fusion of metal and dubstep to Lost Lands 2023, and the result was nothing short of mesmerizing. With his live guitar prowess and commanding vocals, Sullivan King‘s Saturday night set at the Wompy Woods stage was a high-octane spectacle that had the crowd fervently headbanging and moshing. His seamless convergence of rock and bass music rendered him an unmissable act at the festival, and his Lost Lands performance unequivocally stole the show.

4. Svdden Death

The name Svdden Death is synonymous with excellence in the realm of bass music, and his 2023 set at Lost Lands affirmed his dominance. With a diverse repertoire spanning from thunderous dubstep to ominous bass beats, Svdden Death orchestrated a ceaseless rage party during his Sunday set at the Prehistoric stage. The crowd’s exuberance reached unparalleled heights as he artfully unveiled hit after hit, leaving everyone in a euphoric state driven by bass-infused euphoria.

3. Ganja White Night

The Belgium duo Ganja White Night is celebrated for their genre-bending approach to electronic music, and their Lost Lands 2023 set exemplified their versatility. Seamlessly transitioning between dubstep, drum and bass, and even elements of hip-hop, Ganja White Night embarked on an auditory odyssey that kept the audience on tenterhooks. Their ability to traverse varied musical terrains while maintaining an unwavering pulse of energy cements their status as festival favorites, and their Friday night Lost Lands performance at the Prehistoric stage was nothing short of extraordinary.

2. Excision

A compendium of the finest sets at Lost Lands would be remiss without lauding its progenitor and headliner, Excision. Renowned for his earth-shaking bass drops and mind-boggling stage spectacles, Excision consistently delivers a performance that transcends the ordinary. His 2023 performance stands as an epitome of grandeur, featuring some of his greatest hits and unreleased IDs, and visuals of such grandiosity that they left the audience in a state of rapture. Excision‘s Lost Lands sets are a masterclass in the art of bass music, an experience that never fails to mesmerize.

1. Subtronics

Subtronics, the reigning sovereign of riddim, commands a dedicated fanbase that eagerly anticipates his every move. His Lost Lands 2023 set was an ode to the heart of riddim enthusiasts, replete with thunderous, oscillating basslines that prompted fervent skanking and headbanging with every beat drop. He began with a setlist he had been using at festivals prior to Lost Lands 2023, but with great surprise, Subtronics included an overwhelming amount of unreleased IDs and VIPs. Subtronics‘ charisma and commanding stage presence added another layer of excitement, making his Saturday night performance at the Prehistoric stage a pinnacle of the festival’s highlights.

Lost Lands transcends being a mere music festival; it is a veritable sanctuary for bass music enthusiasts, where artists push the boundaries of sonic and visual artistry. The 2023 edition of Lost Lands showcased a lineup brimming with prodigious talent, but these five sets stood out as paragons of excellence. From Excision‘s seismic performance to Subtronics‘ riddim symphony, each of these artists etched an indelible mark on the festival and reaffirmed Lost Lands as the ultimate pilgrimage for fervent bass aficionados. As we impatiently await the next chapter of this prehistoric bass odyssey, one certainty prevails: the music and memories forged at Lost Lands 2023 will resonate with fans for generations to come.


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