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Subtronics Announces Upcoming “Tesseract” Tour 2024

Following his popular "Anti-Fractal" Tour, Subtronics Announces His Newest Project Via Social Media

by Connor Smith
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Prepare to embark on a bass driven adventure like no other as Subtronics, the mastermind behind the bass music revolution, announces his highly anticipated Tesseract Tour 2024. With an ever-growing fanbase and an impressive catalog of groundbreaking IDs and VIPs, Subtronics has become a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music world. Now, he’s set to take his music and performance to a whole new dimension with the Tesseract Tour.

Subtronics is best known for revolutionizing bass music. With each release, he has consistently raised the bar, blending elements of dubstep, riddim, and experimental sound design to create his instantly recognizable style. The Tesseract Tour 2024 promises to be his most ambitious project yet, taking inspiration from the concept of a tesseract—a four-dimensional cube that transcends the boundaries of space and time.

The tour concept revolves around the idea of exploring different dimensions and alternate realities through music and visuals. Attendees can expect to be transported to a multiverse of bass music, where each show is a unique experience, offering a glimpse into Subtronics‘ imaginative universe. It’s not just a concert; it’s an audiovisual journey through the unknown.

A crucial element of the Tesseract Tour is its immersive visual production. As seen in his Fractal and Anti-Fractal Tours, Subtronics has always placed a strong emphasis on creating a complete sensory experience for his fans, and this tour will be no exception. Expect mind-bending visuals, intricate lighting setups, and state-of-the-art stage design that will enhance the music and take you on a visual odyssey.

The team behind the tour has promised a combination of cutting-edge technology and creative artistry to bring the concept of multidimensionality to life. Whether you’re a seasoned bass music enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, the visual spectacle alone will be worth the price of admission.

Subtronics has a knack for collaborating with some of the most talented artists in the electronic music scene. The Tesseract Tour 2024 is expected to feature special guest appearances from the bass heavyweight Wooli, along with support from producers Hedex, Jon Casey, Saka, and more! These surprise collaborations will add an extra layer of excitement to each performance, allowing fans to look forward to unexpected musical twists and memorable moments as Subtronics shares the stage with his friends and fellow musicians.

One of the defining characteristics of Subtronics‘ rise to fame is his dedicated fanbase. Known as the “Cyclops Army,” Subtronics‘ fans are passionate about his music and the culture he has created around it. The Tesseract Tour 2024 is a celebration of this community, a chance for fans to come together and share their love for bass music in a unique and unforgettable way.

SubtronicsTesseract Tour 2024 is shaping up to be an extraordinary journey through the multiverse of bass music. With its innovative concept, mind-bending visuals, surprise guests, and a dedicated fanbase, this tour promises to be a landmark event in the world of electronic music. Pre sale tickets will be made available this Friday at 10 AM EST. Subtronics will also be providing a ticket and merch bundle, including 1 GA ticket, Tesseract pashmina, bucket hat, center pin, and a Cyclops Army badge and lanyard!

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