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Svdden Death Teases “Summoning Of The Eclipse” 2023 With New Trailer

by Connor Smith
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Yesterday, the electronic prince of darkness himself, Svdden Death, dropped a captivating teaser trailer for the second edition of his specially curated Summoning Of The Eclipse music festival. Set to take place at the renowned and hallowed grounds of The Caverns in Tennessee, this festival promises an unparalleled sensory journey. Having witnessed the awe-inspiring performances of superstar bass artists during the inaugural event in 2022, the devoted following, affectionately known as the Svdden Death Cult, is now eagerly yearning for another opportunity to immerse themselves in the darkness and raw intensity within the subterranean caves of The Caverns. Trust me, this festival is the kind of Hell you’ll gladly embrace for the unparalleled music and ominous vibes it delivers.

 In 2022, The Summoning Of The Eclipse music festival began with a star studded lineup, including headlining performances by Sullivan King, EPROM, ATLiens, and more, as well as a special collaborative DJ set by SVDDEN DEATH and Marauda. The two-day camping event hosted nearly 60 artists on October 21-22 that got downright dark and dirty within the caves of The Caverns. Attendees were immersed in a unique soundscape as they witnessed remarkable performances from the talented lineup, with the mystical and iconic venue, The Caverns, serving as the perfect setting for this unforgettable experience. With SVDDEN DEATH and Marauda‘s joint DJ set sending shockwaves through the cavernous depths, the festival truly left attendees salivating at an opportunity to come back for round two.

As each year passes, Svdden Death continues to push the boundaries of bass music, captivating listeners with his unique demonic signature and darkly enigmatic persona. This year alone, he has appeared at some of the hottest electronic music festivals in the world, such as Forbidden Kingdom, Electric Forest, and Tomorrowland, continuing to unleash his creative prowess on an international level, showing evidence that Svdden Death‘s journey is far from over.

As the festival nears, Stage Hoppers will continue to update our audience on official dates and ticket availability!

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