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24th Annual Shambhala Music Festival Recap

by Austin Yacullo
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For the 24th annual event, we hopped over the border into Canada to the hidden oasis many call home, Shambhala

The long-awaited event started allowing access on Tuesday, 7/18, with gates opening at 6 am. Early arrivals pay an early entry fee that varies daily. The line to enter the farm can be very long. From the chatter heard around camp, people waited up to 18 hours the first few days. With Shambhala being a dry festival (no alcohol allowed), this most likely contributes to the long wait times with the thorough search. And Many are willing to endure the long line to secure a Vehicle Pass before they sell out.  

24th Annual Shambhala

Credit: Austin Yacullo (@yaclenz)

If you pre-purchase the Shambhalodging packages, you can bypass the GA line and head straight to your purchased lodging. but, If you choose not to buy a vehicle pass after the search, you will be guided to the free parking lot. From there, you will haul your camp gear to your desired free tent camping spot in Metta, Starlight, or Sunshine. Camping spots are first come, first serve, wherever you find space to set up home for the week. As the days passed, we watched the spaces fill up with people coming in at all hours. 

24th Annual Shambhala

Credit: Kiet Le (@bykietle)

During the day, it was scorching, with the highest reaching 101 degrees and staying in the high 90s all week. The heat was brutal, but the Salmo River will keep us cool during the day!  Right around 6 pm each day, the temperature dropped quickly once the sun goes over those hills, so be prepared! The lowest was 52 degrees, and staying in the low 50s at night. The dust was insane, but Shambhala was good about water trucks spraying the walkways to minimize it! 

24th Annual Shambhala

Credit: Don Idio (@divisuals)

Thursday was the first day of music from Noon to 2 am at the AMP & Living Room stages. The sound systems are loud even from a distance; we highly suggest wearing ear protection. Friday, the madness begins! Starting with Fractal Forest, a mystical laser-infused forest, you must see the production at this stage with your own eyes. The Village is a giant tree house with plenty of sitting areas and an elevated platform viewing area surrounding the crowd. The Living Room is the home to music and performances all week long.  When exploring, we stumbled upon The Secret Garden & the Grove stages and found them in a hidden pocket the forest. AMP has a lowered pit on an incline and some elevated viewing areas. The Pagoda is surreal, with the production using projectors reflecting off the stage with lasers that go a distance.

24th Annual Shambhala

Credit: Don Idio (@divisuals)

Staying Hydrated and fueled is a must if you plan on surviving the entire week. Food Vendors at the 24th annual Shambhala gave us much more than the typical chicken tender and fries. The variety of food, from wraps to Jamaican, Indian, Asian, and Vegan, gives the attendees something delicious and nutritious to choose from. The small shop vendors were also full of creative art and assorted unique items for sale.

From Tuesday to Monday, Shambhala kept the good vibes going with music, workshops, and connections. Wrapping up on Monday morning, the Rich-e-Rich set, if you can make it to 8 am. The Festival grounds are open until Wednesday to ensure we make the journey home safely. Escaping reality in this beautiful sanctuary, we also found a home on the Farm! Until next year, Happy Shambs!

For our 24th annual Shambhala recap video, click here

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