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Meet Carl Cox

by Arad Javaheri
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‘Oh yes, Oh yes!’ Carl Cox’s autobiography is out now! With a career spanning longer than most DJs’ lives, Carl Cox has seen it all. On Sunday 22nd August Carl Cox will be in person in Virtuoso SmartStudio for a fully interactive, live experience Q&A to celebrate the release of the autobiography.

A £20 ticket is required to join the event and with it comes an opportunity to speak directly with Carl Cox and receive a one-off personalized signed copy of the book. Get your tickets here.

What is Virtuoso SmartStudio? It’s a live interactive experience studio with 16 webcams and 4 remote-operated cameras that allow viewers to choose where they want to view. View the amazing setup below!

Carl Cox got his start DJing for his friends during lunch breaks. His love for music and knowledge of Soundsystem culture took over his life as music was being played every waking second in his home. In those days Cox’s mother would yell at him to turn the volume down and his father laughed off the possibility of Cox wanting to pursue being a DJ.

Hunger for living a life doing what he loved led Cox through a journey that paralleled the growth of dance music. From performing the Love Parade in Berlin 1989 following the fall of the Berlin Wall to the beginning of a historic 15-year residency at Ibiza Cox autobiography will feature amazing experiences.

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