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Hydraulix and Veronica Bravo collaborate on “Wish I’d Never Met You” via WAKAAN

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Hydraulix, with Veronica Bravo, release “Wish I’d Never Met You” off upcoming debut album “Imposter Syndrome.”

With the support of Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN label, dj and producer Hydraulix is getting ready to for his grandest project yet, the debut studio album Imposter Syndrome

At the end of May, Hydraulix surprised fans with “Waratah,” a hard hitting trap and heavy bass collaboration with Nitti Gritti. The second installment, “Another Minute,” was a collaboration with “The Piece to The Puzzle with Diff Sound,” Muchi (Moo-chee), which offers listeners a more elaborate vocal performance alongside intricate instrumental sound design. The third installment came in early July with “Concrete,” an aggressive, head-banging soundscape including the sinister vocals of Jasiah.

Hydraulix establishes a different tone with,”Wish I’d Never Met You,” the fourth release of the album Imposter Syndrome.” Hydraulix’ versatility as a producer shines through with the dominant melodic synths, lyrical guitar riffs, and pure vocals of Veronica Bravo.  Hydraulix and Veronica Bravo composed a beautiful anthem while still providing sharp sound design.


“Wish I’d Never Met You, released on July 27th, by Hydraulix and Veronica builds hype for the Imposter Syndrome studio album via WAKAAN label. Listen to Hydraulix’ latest releases below!

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