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Vinyl Sales Are Up 108.2% In First Half of 2021

by Arad Javaheri
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Going to a record store and discovering new music has been the root of inspiration for many of dance music’s biggest artists.  Carl Cox currently has over 150,000 records ordered chronologically dating back to 1968 and end in 2007 when Cox purchased his last record. Spaning half of his triple garage in his home in Melbourne, Cox can visit any era of music by walking down the isles and pulling a record off the shelf.

After leaving Florida for the first time, Diplo traveled to India and quickly learned about the records he could purchase there and sell online to afford his trip. Selling records became Diplo’s primary source of income and he was thrilled to be able to make money from his passion.

In the first half of 2021, vinyl sales in the US soared 108.2%. Vinyl records provide a unique audio experience over the digital streaming world. Owning a physical copy of your favorite artists’ records is the best way to experience the sound and art that was painstakingly put together by the artist.

Due to the high demand by both artists and consumers of vinyl, production has become a huge problem.  Delivery times have increased from 3-7 week to up to 12 weeks or more. Many dance music artists have announced they will not be restocking or releasing vinyl for new and existing albums, including Illenium’s highly anticipated Fallen Embers is not available on vinyl until further notice.

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