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What We Learned From Illenium’s Reddit AMA

by Arad Javaheri
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Last night Illenium took to Reddit to answer some fan questions about his album Fallen Embers, tour, and anything else fans wanted to know.

Will Illenium be doing a world tour following his Fallen Embers album? 

As of now only a US tour due to Covid.

When I saw Ascend live I could feel the flames from like halfway back in the crowd. How hot were those things on the stage? (user -etgohomeok)

“oh fkn crazy hot. I was super sick for the reno show and my face was all raw and gross. when the flames hit that show my face hurt so fkn bad haha”

Hi Nick! Will you go back to making more “powerful or heavy” songs? I love this album but there are only two, Sideways and In My Mind. (user – -enne)

“I def like being able to make whatever I want. I love the big super saw sound but it’s also very hard to keep doing while staying unique. So many artists doing it too. I love coming across a song I’m working on and having it fit but I also love making different sounding shit.”

What’s Illeniums favorite color, food, and animal? (user – unsignablelabel) 

Orange, steak, wolf. Basic af.

Do you think you’ll do more remixes at some point? I miss those, yours were always top-notch. (user – viperlordx)

“Definitely not a focus at this point. i used to do them mainly because i could never get vocalists on originals at that point haha”

What’s your favorite venue to play at and why?

“red rocks! cuz its the fkn best. haha. gorge 2nd”

How does walking out in front of thousands of people feel differently now than it did the first time? (user – Justwannabeloggedin)

“I’m definitely more accustomed to it! walking out in front of like 8 people is def harder than 8000”

 Check out the full thread here.




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