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House Cat Hits: Top House Music Releases of the Week

Edition [09.29.23]

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Stage Hoppers’ House Cat Hits is back for your Friday fix of house music! But don’t worry we have something for everyone. From infectious tech house music to emotive progressive house to thunderous techno, we have got some of the best releases from this week! This week we feature music from Nostalgix, John Summit, LP Giobbi, Eli Brown, and more! Get lost in the rhythm, energy, and unforgettable experiences of House Cat Hits.

Nostalgix, Rico Nasty – “War”

Nostalgix teams up with hip-hop powerhouse Rico Nasty for their electrifying track “WAR,” marking Nostalgix’s debut on Monstercat. Rico Nasty’s disruptive Sugar Trap style blends seamlessly with Nostalgix’s signature sassy bass house, resulting in a rule-breaking anthem that oozes attitude and empowerment. With infectious hooks and Rico Nasty’s lyrical depth touching on themes of strength and resilience, “WAR” is a potent testament to fearless creativity in music, leaving you energized and empowered. Don’t miss this dynamic collaboration on September 29th.

On the importance of this track, Nostalgia:

To me, WAR is the evolution of Nostalgix. It’s the evolution of me as an artist and the evolution of my sound. With WAR, I wanted to make a record that embodied power and drive. I wanted to make a record that you could blast and feel like you can take over the world. Like nothing can stop you. When I was producing WAR, I wanted to bring a lot of elements of drama and energy to really bring power to the record. I got into the studio with the talented Rico Nasty and we went in on vocals for the record. I absolutely love Rico, I think what she’s doing is so sick. She’s an artist that is so uniquely herself, she brings such a badass energy with all of her music and her performances.”

Modapit – “Time To Run”

Today, Modapit releases “Time to Run.” Through this transfixing journey, Modapit crafts an atmosphere of pulsating basslines, warm synths, and crisp percussion as an emotive vocal line soars above. This new track is an embodiment of Modapit’s early influences and his evolved production style. With this new release, Modapit tells us:

Crafting ‘Time to Run’ was a journey in itself. It is a reflection of my past, present, and the future of my sound. From vocals to the melodies, every element has a story. I hope listeners feel its depth and passion.”

Colyn – Cyclone EP

Today, via RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Rose Avenue Records, Colyn releases his new Cyclone EP. Through this four track journey spanning 28-minutes, the Dutch melodic techno producer delivers a realm of transfixing beats and refreshing soundscapes.  From the trance-inspired tones of “Cyclone” to the progressive builds of “Signal Received,” Colyn’s forward-thinking and emotive production is at the forefront for an auditory spectacle.

With this new release, Colyn shares:

I’m happy to be back on Rose Avenue with a diverse four-track EP. The title track ‘Cyclone’ has been a staple in my sets over the last months, with its signature trance-inspired theme and a powerful climax it always delivers. ‘Rushing’ has my own vocals processed with a vocoder, supported by a breakbeat motive in the breakdown. ‘Signal Received’ is the indie part of this EP with an Italo bassline supporting a euphoric synth riff. ‘Action XI’ is has a lot of my signature in it, from the growling synths in the drop to the dreamy riff that highlights the breakdown.’’ 

LP Giobbi – “Time Expands”

LP Giobbi launches her Yes Yes Yes imprint with a debut release, ‘Time Expands.” The track combines a deep, chugging bassline with lo-fi synths and Giobbi’s distinctive musicality, all interwoven with an otherworldly spoken-word element. Notably, this marks the first time Giobbi has lent her own vocals to a record, and the result is a mesmerizing blend of psychedelic storytelling atop a hypnotic groove. ‘Time Expands’ seems tailor-made for adventurous souls on a dancefloor, reminiscent of the eclectic vibes you’d encounter at the Oregon Country Fair. It’s a fantastic introduction to the kind of innovative tunes you can expect from Giobbi’s new platform, Yes Yes Yes.

LP Giobbi shares:

I grew up going to this hippie festival in Oregon called the Oregon Country Fair. My parents started going in their 20s and I have never missed it since the womb. It’s my favorite place on earth because it leans into weirdness, joy and mind opening experiences. The first thing you see when you walk on site is a sign that just says, ‘Yes Yes Yes’ and it makes me smile ear to ear every single year. This label is not beholden to one genre or one particular sound. It’s simply about good dance music, made for the dancefloor that expands your mind and makes you feel good.” 

Ookay, JSTJR – “All I Wanna Do”

Ookay returns to Dim Mak with JSTJR to bring us a bass house gem titled “All I Wanna Do.” The title alone sets the tone perfectly – it’s a track that embodies a carefree and celebratory spirit, practically begging you to dance. Ookay and JSTJR flex their production prowess with a blend of catchy distorted synths layered over a funky house bassline. The result is an irresistible concoction of infectious vocal hooks, groovy beats, and memorable melodies that invite you to lose yourself in the music and savor the moment.

John Summit, VLTRA (IT) – “Legacy”

In his latest release on his very own Experts Only label, John Summit collaborates with the Sicilian duo VLTRA to serve up a scorching club track titled “Legacy.” Having spent the summer touring Europe and the US, Summit’s ‘Legacy’ takes us back to his tech house roots, following a series of chart-topping vocal records like ‘Where You Are’ featuring Hayla. With VLTRA infusing their trademark raw energy into the mix, this track is a journey of hypnotic spoken-word vocals and relentless basslines.

Surf Mesa, Griff Clawson – “Run”

Surf Mesa, the artist behind the chart-topping hit “ily (i love you baby),” is gearing up to drop his eagerly awaited EP, Come True, this fall via Astralwerks. His latest single, “Run,” featuring Griff Clawson, offers a poignant reflection on the inclination to run away from something good. Clawson’s emotionally charged vocals blend seamlessly with the track’s infectious rhythm and underlying optimism. Collaborating with Nick Henriques, known for his work with Tiësto and Galantis, Surf Mesa and Griff Clawson have created a compelling piece of music that’s bound to resonate with listeners.

Surf Mesa shares:

The track ‘Run’ off my upcoming EP Come True is one of my favorites. I’ve been diligently working on this unreleased track, and it’s been a deeply personal project for me. I’m excited to share it with you. This song represents a significant chapter in my musical journey, and I believe it will resonate with you in a profound way.”

HI-LO, Eli Brown – “Ride or Die”

Regarding the collaboration, HI-LO says:

It’s been a pleasure to work with Eli Brown and to combine our strengths in both the studio and in our b2b sets. ‘RIDE OR DIE’ was born in a studio session before our b2b set at E1 London in early March, and when we dropped the first test version of the track during that set and when we saw/heard/felt the crowd’s reaction, we both knew that it was going to be a big one. It’s been one of the most requested IDs in my sets since then, so I’m glad it’s finally out now on HILOMATIK!”

Eli Brown adds:

I’m excited to be back with another collaboration with HI-LO, and this one picks up where Industria left off. It’s been a massive part of my set since we made it back in March and one of my most requested IDs from my EDC set earlier this year. After a long wait, I’m excited this is finally coming out, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Maison, Ware, Xavier Dunn – “Blue Fame”

Maison Ware returns to Helix Records with  “Blue Flame”. This mesmerizing and sinister techno ballad displays his innate ability to craft alluring yet mysterious atmospheres. Now, this time he collaborates with the talented producer/vocalist Xavier Dunn.

Regarding the inception of the track, Maison shares:

This one is a very special record to me. Xavier Dunn is the very first songwriter I worked with over 12 years ago. We’ve become good friends and stayed in touch ever since. Fast forward to 2023 and we have this back room, cinematic, journey record together ‘Blue Flame’.I wanted to blend the soft nature of Xavier’s voice and the calming aura behind some of his instruments with my darker, hard-hitting synths. For me, ‘Blue Flame’ was intended to be a seamless blend of night and day, dark and light, and that’s why Xav and I love it. I hope you do too!”

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