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“Close Your Eyes” with LP Giobbi and HANA

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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House music powerhouse LP Giobbi unites with fast-emerging songstress HANA for a splendid collaboration “Close Your Eyes.”

LP Giobbi and HANA transport listeners into a realm of pure bliss with their collaboration “Close Your Eyes,” released with Insomniac Records. This ethereal house track serves as the latest installment of Spotify’s highly anticipated ‘mint Singles‘ series – a complement to the flagship dance playlist, ‘mint,’ and an offshoot of ‘Spotify Singles.’

LP Giobbi brings her fresh , feel-good vibes in the house music scene. Since 2018, she’s become a consistent force while also debuting with Insomniac on her expressive release alongside singer/rapper hermixalot, “Move Your Body,” which displayed her impressive piano dexterity.

“Close Your Eyes” signals LP Giobbi’s return to Insomniac with immense magnitude. HANA and LP Giobbi work together with seamless effort to amaze listeners. HANA’s sublime vocals soar over the vivid piano progression and animated percussion groove. The atmosphere exudes euphoria through gentle synth work and dreamy vocalizations. The blissful hook is briefly suspended and then evaporates through the sonic expanse. The elated mood infects the listeners until the last seconds to its wistful conclusion.

In regards to “Close Your Eyes,” LP Giobbi states:

“I wanted to write an ethereal track to provide a moment of inward serenity on the dance-floor.” She continues, “as soon as it was in a good place, I knew I had to send it to HANA—the ultimate ethereal goddess! The track completely flowed from there. HANA is a complete pro in the studio and working with her took this song to the next level.”

HANA adds:

“LP and I met last year and were instant friends. We had a call and both quite literally exploded into conversation about 10 things simultaneously. We couldn’t wait to work on a track together, and LP sent this track. Finishing the song was insanely easy; we worked extremely fast and had so much fun in the studio. We are kindred spirits, and I am so happy to have a song with LP. I hope you feel euphoric when you hear it.”

Enjoy “Close Your Eyes” by LP Giobbi ft. HANA via Insomniac Records.

More About LP Giobbi

Leah Chisholm, known professionally as LP Giobbi, has procured an extensive resume as a renaissance woman of the electronic music age. LP Giobbi earned a degree in Jazz Piano Performance from UC Berkeley, giving her a well-educated grasp on music and advancement on her contemporaries. LP Giobbi serves as the North American Music Director for W Hotels, which makes her an industry professional and curator by trade. LP Giobbi also founded the FEMME HOUSE, a non-profit focused on empowering females in the dance music scene. As an artist, musician, and multi-faceted entrepreneur, LP Giobbi has left an undeniable mark on the ever-growing dance community.

More About HANA

Hana Pestle, or HANA for short, has been committed to her artistry since the age of 13. As a young singer-songwriter and producer, HANA released several EPs before she even graduated high school. After moving to LA to pursue a full-time career in music, Hana Pestle rebranded herself to the alias HANA and began to grab the attention of critics with her debut album “HANADRIEL.” HANA has solidified her name in the electronic music scene with collaborations on “Ghosts” with Tchami and “13 Voices” with Durante. You can also catch HANA on her Twitch channel for gaming and live music sessions, as well as an interactive talk show named HANA’S HAVEN.

Quotes, Photos, and Press Release provided by Insomniac Records.

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