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BASSTOPIA: Top Bass and Dubstep Bangers of the Week


by Connor Smith
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Wooli x Tape B

Wooli and Tape B‘s banging new single, “Dopamine,” is a long awaited track that fuses Wooli‘s signature bass-heavy sound with Tape B‘s melodic prowess, delivering a thrilling rollercoaster of emotions. “Dopamine” is a captivating exploration of contrasts, blending euphoric melodies with bone-rattling drops, leaving listeners hooked and craving for more. With its dynamic production and infectious energy, this collaboration has proven to be a crowd-pleaser, standing out during Wooli and Tape B‘s set at this years edition of Lost Lands.

“Seance” EP


Level Up‘s latest EP, “Seance,” is a hauntingly captivating project that delves into the depths of her signature style of dubstep. This release showcases Level Up‘s mastery of atmospheric soundscapes and intricate production. “Seance” is an immersive experience, featuring a seamless blend of dark, ethereal melodies and pulsating beats that transport listeners to another realm. With its enigmatic and otherworldly vibe, this EP has shown Level Up‘s continued growth as a bass music producer.

“You Can’t Break Me” (feat. Brandon Saller)

Sullivan King x Adventure Club x Atreyu

Sullivan King and Adventure Club‘s latest single, “You Can’t Break Me,” featuring the powerful vocals of Brandon Saller from Atreyu, is a high-octane fusion of rock and electronic elements that hits like an auditory  hurricane. This impressive collaboration combines Sullivan King‘s guitar-driven, heavy bass style with Adventure Club‘s signature melodic dubstep sound, creating a dynamic and emotionally charged landscape. Brandon Saller‘s emotive vocals add an extra layer of intensity to the track, making “You Can’t Break Me” an anthemic masterpiece that perfectly marries the worlds of rock and electronic music.

“Starfall” (Trivecta Remix)


Trivecta‘s remix of Illenium‘s “Starfall” is a breathtaking reimagining of an already stunning track. Known for his expertise in melodic dubstep, Trivecta takes the original’s emotional core and elevates it to new heights. With his signature lush chords and intricate production, he weaves a bass tapestry that captures the essence of the original while adding his unique touch. The remix breathes fresh life into “Starfall,” creating a celestial and ethereal atmosphere that sweeps listeners off their feet. It’s a testament to Trivecta‘s skill in merging emotive melodies with powerful drops, resulting in a remix that’s bound to captivate both Illenium‘s and Trivecta‘s fanbase.

“Sword In Stone”

Black Tiger Sex Machine x YMIR

Black Tiger Sex Machine‘s collaboration with YMIR on their new single, “Sword In Stone,” is a track that showcases their broad range as electronic music producers. This track seamlessly melds BTSM‘s signature heavy bass sound with YMIR‘s expertise in cinematic and orchestral elements. “Sword In Stone” is an epic journey through a dystopian realm, with powerful drops and dramatic melodies that evoke a sense of heroic determination. The combination of BTSM‘s innovative production and YMIR‘s cinematic flair results in a track that is both exhilarating and emotionally charged, leaving listeners enthralled by its grandeur and depth. 

“Boombox” EP


Badklaat‘s latest EP, “Boombox,” is a thunderous collection of bass-heavy tracks that showcases his mastery of dubstep and bass music. With relentless energy and aggressive drops, each track on the EP is better than the last, designed to shake the dancefloor to its core. “Boombox” exemplifies Badklaat‘s distinctive sound, characterized by deep, wobbly basslines and meticulous production. This EP is a testament to his ability to push the boundaries of the genre, delivering a relentless and exhilarating listening experience for bass music enthusiasts worldwide.

“Counting” EP


Electronic artist Hamdi releases his 5-track EP, “Counting,” through the prestigious Deadbeats label. Known for his unique blend of Dubstep, UKG, and Grime, the EP features standout tracks “Counting” and “Criminal,” following his previous chart-topping hits. Hamdi‘s signature sound has garnered millions of Spotify streams, and “Counting” promises to be another remarkable addition to his growing discography.

“Internet G” EP


Infekt‘s latest EP, “Internet G,” is an adventurous exploration of the dubstep genre, highlighting his boundless creativity and production skills. This two-track release is filled with gut-wrenching basslines, intricate sound design, and an intensity that is the hallmark of Infekt‘s unique style. “Internet G” underscores his talent for seamlessly blending hard-hitting drops with unexpected twists and turns, ensuring that listeners are consistently engaged and enthralled throughout the EP’s entirety. 


Dirty Audio x DirtySnatcha

Dirty Audio and DirtySnatcha‘s latest single, “UFO,” is a high-octane electronic track that packs a serious punch. This collaboration combines Dirty Audio‘s expert production skills with DirtySnatcha‘s knack for creating intense drops. “UFO” is an intense listening experience, blending heavy basslines with an infectious rhythm that demands attention. With its explosive energy and captivating beats, the track is primed to be a dancefloor banger, guaranteed to get crowds moving and the energy soaring.


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