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GRiZ Drops New Single “Skydive”

by Connor Smith
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Just months after GRiZ’s release of “Chasing The Golden Hour: Part 4”, he is back in the beat lab delivering another helping of boundless bass. Having released a plethora of tracks together, GRiZ reunites with his favorite duo, rapper ProbCause and lyricist Chrishira, to collaborate on his newest single “Skydive”.

Fittingly naming his new single “Skydive”, GRiZ takes you on a reverberant free fall that has you hooked from the very start. Intricate sounds crescendo into booming bass, all coming together in unison to provide the ear with an overwhelming feeling of ecstasy. With rhythmic verses riddled throughout, ProbCause and Chrishira provide mesmerizing lyrics we’ll surely be singing along to in the future. All things considered, GRiZ strikes gold yet again, kicking off spooky season with an absolute banger!

“Skydive is one of my favorite tracks from this past year and I’m so glad to finally have this one out. It was so much fun to write with ProbCause and Chrishira. I hope you love it!” – GRiZ

Along with the single, GRiZ also provided an official visualizer for his fans to enjoy while they head bang the night away! You can check out the track and visualizer in the video below.

More About GRiZ

Born Grant Kwiecinski, GRiZ has been able to fuse his funky style with hardcore dubstep. First breaking out in 2016 with his album “Good Will Prevail“, he has since dominated the electronic world with his unique approach to EDM Music. In 2019, his album “Ride Waves” climbed the Billboard charts to #33 on the Top 100, garnering a massive 52.7 million streams across all major platforms.

Throughout his career, GRiZ has released albums jam-packed with big name features, from heavy hitters Jauz and Wreckno to riddim royalty Subtronics. In 2019, the collaboration between GRiZ and Subtronics, “GRiZtronics”, spread through the EDM community like wildfire. To date, the track has racked up well over 1 billion streams on TikTok, more than 3.5 million streams on SoundCloud, and has logged above 14 million views on YouTube.

Not only is GRiZ a talented producer, he also continuously gives back to his community and other organizations. Starting a charity program titled “12 Days of GRiZMAS, he has brought in more than $200,000 for increasing access to music education for Detroit’s youth via charity partner, Seven Mile, an organization that offers after school and summer camp programs to engage local youth in musical and creative arts.

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