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Anyma And Camelphat Release New Single

by Eric Thias
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Aynma and Camelphat today released their highly anticipated new single “The Sign.” The Tale Of Us star collaborated with Grammy nominated duo Camelphat to drop one of the hottest melodic techno tracks of the year.

This single marks the first collaboration between these 2 artist and we hope its not the last. “The Sign” gave fans the absolute best of Anyma and Camelphat and showcased their legendary status. Featuring 6 minutes of a truly out of this world beat paired with haunting vocals. With 10s of thousands of likes and comments on instagram in just a few from both fellow artists and fans alike goes to show how well their collaboration was executed.

First Look at “The Sign”

We first heard this single teased during Tale Of Us’s Ultra Miami 2022 set. You can check out their full set posted to Youtube below.

At the 34 min mark you can hear the transition into what was their exclusive unreleased ID. By crowd reactions to the change in tempo it was clear that this song was destined to be a hit. Paired with that iconic Afterlife audiovisual experience this single was one of the highlights of their 2022 set.


Camelphat Teases “The Sign” at ADE

In addition to the sneak peak at Ultra, Camelphat also gave fans a taste of what was to come at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) this past weekend. During their set the techno giants teased fans with this single. Watch below to see them debut “The Sign” during their ADE set.

By the reaction to this song from nearly 4000 fans its shown to be a fan favorite all around the world. Camelphat never falls short of doing it big. With an immense visual production paired with their excellence on the decks this song was one of the highlights of ADE.

“The Sign” shows why Anyma from Tale Of Us and Camelphat are at the top of the techno industry. Nevertheless, in just a little over 120bpm this pair was able to create an absolute masterpiece. It is safe to say that this song stands at some of their best respective work to date. The deep rhythmic baseline gives listeners that true underground techno sound. This song consists of everything you dream to hear tucked away in a dark warehouse rave. Paired with alluring falsettos in the course contrasting to the baseline this song is truly astonishing. With the rapid success and recognition this song has seen today we can anticipate this will not be the last we see from them.

What’s Coming Next?

For Anyma there is still much in store this winter. This November 25th marks the Afterlife Records headline show at the Printworks in London. Presented by Tale Of Us, Afterlife Records is home to the hottest rising stars in the techno industry. With a completely sold out weekend at the world famous Printworks Warehouse Venue we can expect this show to be one of the best events this year.

For US fans looking to catch these artists nearby there is still hope. Camelphat is set to headline Seismic Dance Event 5.0 next month in Austin, Texas. In addition to Camelphat, this event will host the biggest names in the industry. This event will surely bring the world of underground music to the surface. Catch them live with limited tickets at the link below.


For More information on Anyma and Camelphat follow them at the links below


Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube | TikTok


Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube

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