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Golden Features Releases Captivating Album ‘Sisyphus’

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Golden Features‘ highly anticipated sophomore album, Sisyphus, is out now through ODESZA‘s Foreign Family Collective/Warner Music Australia. The acclaimed Australian electronic music artist delves into inner turmoil, taking listeners on a captivating sonic journey. Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, the title references the enduring myth of the figure cursed with a ceaseless task. Through this album, Golden Features fearlessly confronts personal struggles and explores the repetitive tendencies of the human condition. Sisyphus also channels the vibrant atmosphere of underground Berlin clubs, where Golden Features immersed himself in pre-pandemic nights. Experience the mesmerizing soundscape of Sisyphus below.

Exploring the Realm of Sisyphus

Sisyphus begins with the haunting track “Vigil,” a treacherous journey through the realm of sleep deprivation illustrated by the unsettling vocals and constantly oscillating synth-work. From there, Golden Features seamlessly transitions into the alluring track ‘Touch‘, with its hypnotic and tantalizing melodies, followed by the mesmerizing rhythmic arpeggiations of “Yield.” Golden Features then ventures into the depths of Berlin with “Vapid” with iconic techno artist Louisahhh and “Flesh.” Both tracks shift focus into the mechanical and off-kilter tones of the shadowy nightclubs. However, slotted around those previous tracks we have “Ether” and “Butch,” both with more melancholic tone and the latter featuring Golden Features own vocals. The intimacy involved in these tracks confronts the anxiety felt through loneliness and offers comfort through the dark.

Golden Features

Throughout the album, Golden Features collaborates with Australian electro-pop songstress Rromarin. It is in tracks such as “Endit” which showcase the pristine and delicate touch she adds to amongst the intricate soundscapes. Sisyphus closes with “Hound” which puts a wrap on the gritty and meticulous process. Throughout the album, Golden Features intertwines elements of hyperpop, techno, and future house, amongst his dark and introspective aesthetic. The result highlights the theme in which Golden Features learns to accept the unavoidable; that flaws are inherent and make us human.

Sisyphus Tour Dates

Kingdom – Austin, TX — July 7
Velvet Underground – Toronto, ON — July 8
It’ll Do – Dallas, TX — July 14
Discopussy – Las Vegas, NV — July 15
Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO — July 21
Sunbar – Tempe, AZ — July 22

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Photo Credit: Billy Zammit

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