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Electric Forest 2023: Most Unforgettable Performances

by Connor Smith
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Alas, Electric Forest, an annual celebration of music and artistry, has once again concluded, leaving timeless imprints upon the souls of music enthusiasts and offering a renewed perspective on the transcendental power of the world. With its resplendent performances and an exquisite tapestry of elite art installations strewn throughout, Electric Forest 2023 surpassed all expectations, reinforcing its eminent status as a cherished sanctuary for the EDM community. We, at Stage Hoppers, were granted the opportunity to attend this legendary affair, and our verdict is unequivocally positive. In case you were unable to attend, allow us to present a curated selection of our most memorable performances of Electric Forest 2023!


Apashe, the Belgian producer, took a unique approach to his set by including a live brass ensemble. Captivating his audience at the Sherwood Court stage, he exhibited his genre-blending soundscapes, fusing bass and orchestral elements throughout. Apashe’s captivating visuals, inspired by the Renaissance era, served as a powerful complement to his music. Through dramatic builds and mesmerizing vocals, attendees were transported to a realm of thrilling excitement, becoming active participants in the immersive experience he so carefully designed. Apashe‘s visionary approach left an indelible impression on fans, solidifying his performance as one of the standout highlights at Electric Forest 2023.

Svdden Death presents: VOYD

Dominating Sherwood Court on Saturday night, Svdden Death‘s VOYD set was an absolute revelation, delivering an ominous experience that left the crowd in a state of pure ecstasy. From the moment the first bass drop hit, it was clear that Svdden Death had masterfully crafted a performance that pushed the boundaries of heavy bass music. The sheer intensity and energy emanating from the stage were palpable, as the crowd was propelled into a frenzy of headbanging and wild dancing. The blend of bone-crushing drops, eerie visual design, and relentless energy showcased Svdden Death’s unparalleled production skills and unrivaled stage presence. Every track unleashed a sonic assault that reverberated through the festival grounds, leaving no doubt that Svdden Death‘s VOYD set was a highlight of the entire event, creating an unforgettable experience that will be etched in the memories of Electric Forest attendees for years to come.


ODESZA‘s set at Electric Forest 2023 was a mesmerizing journey that left their fans spellbound. The incorporation of electronic beats with a live performance by their renowned drumline created an immersive experience like no other. Positive energy and enthusiasm emanating from the stage, infecting the crowd as they swayed and danced, tears in their eyes as the uplifting rhythms carried their souls into a blissful paradise. The crowd’s euphoria reached its peak during fan favorites like “Sun Models” and “Say My Name,” as the collective voices echoed throughout the forest. ODESZA‘s ability to connect with the audience was evident, creating a sense of unity and joy that set the tone for the entire weekend. The combination of their musical prowess, stunning visuals, and the enchanting atmosphere of Electric Forest resulted in an unforgettable performance that will be cherished by all who witnessed it. ODESZA truly proved why they are regarded as one of the most captivating acts at Electric Forest 2023.


From the first beat to the final note, Illenium‘s Friday night performance was a symphony of emotions that resonated deeply with the audience. The combination of powerful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and impeccable production created a truly immersive journey through his signature blend of melodic bass and future bass music. The crowd was engulfed by the raw energy and vulnerability that emanated from the stage, as Illenium poured his heart and soul into each track. Highlights such as “Good Things Fall Apart” and “Fractures” elicited an overwhelming sense of unity and catharsis, with the crowd singing along in unison. In addition to delivering emotionally stirring tracks, Illenium also curated masterful drops of deep and heavy dubstep that ignited a surge of energy in the crowd. Elevating the performance to another level, stunning visuals and breathtaking fireworks illuminated the sky, creating a visual feast for the senses. Illenium‘s ability to connect with the audience on such a profound level is a testament to his artistry and genuine connection to his fans. The set was a transformative experience, leaving attendees with a renewed sense of hope, love, and an undeniable appreciation for the power of music.

Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead set the Ranch Arena stage ablaze on Saturday night, conveying an absolute powerhouse performance that left the crowd in a state of pure exhilaration. From the moment they took the stage, Zeds Dead unleashed a relentless onslaught of bass-heavy beats and electrifying energy that had the entire audience pulsating with anticipation. Their seamless transitions between genres, from dubstep to drum and bass to trap, appealed to lovers of all EDM genres, leaving no room for respite. Swept away by the sheer intensity and infectious enthusiasm of Zeds Dead‘s stage presence, their fans watched the boys skillfully mix their own tracks with throwbacks and surprise ID’s, including unreleased music with OG producer Flux Pavilion. As pioneers in bass music, their set was a reminder to the EDM community that their talent is unparalleled as they continue to set standards higher with each performance.


With an overwhelming desire to extend the list of remarkable performances indefinitely, we as Stage Hoppers express our utmost admiration for the unwavering dedication and fervor displayed by each artist who graced the stage, investing their very essence in curating bespoke sets for the enraptured attendees. The profound enchantment that pervades the Forest year after year owes its existence to the unwavering commitment and artistic prowess of every single producer featured in the lineup. As we embark upon the interminable wait until our return to the hallowed grounds of Rothbury, we fervently anticipate the blissful reunion with our Forest family—a collective haven that embodies the essence of our cherished abode away from home.

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