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Exploring the World of Masked EDM Producer DJ. UNKNONE

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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DJ UNKNONE is a masked EDM producer ramping up a following in the electronic dance music scene. Propelled by anonymity, her music is garnering the attention from fans. Her most recent single, “CUM 4 U,” has been streamed over 30k times since its release on October 27th. In a short time, DJ UNKNONE has amassed 16k monthly and 1200+ followers!

One of the defining characteristics of DJ UNKNONE is her use of a helmet and glasses appearances.  The enigmatic producer has created an allure of their brand, with fans pondering her true identity. While the origins of DJ UNKNONE’s mask-wearing persona remain shrouded in mystery, it is clear that the artist is committed to maintaining their anonymity. Their focus shifts from appearances to the sole purpose of music as they develop their unique style.

In terms of their musical style, DJ UNKNONE’s most recent track “CUM 4 U” features elements of house and pop. The track features a sample of the hit HBO series Euphoria amongst a minimalistic yet club-ready backdrop. Now, DJ. UNKNONE prepares for her third single, ” By Your Side ” set for release in January 2023. While we can’t reveal too much, the mysterious producer shifts towards emotive lyrics and vibrant soundscape. Check out the sneak peak below!

As DJ. UNKNONE crafts her style and brand, be sure to follow her on social media, especially on TikTok for her “Complete or Delete ” series. The rising producer teases followers with a 20 second unreleased clip of unreleased music. Then it’s the fans decision whether the track comes to light or remains in the vault!


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