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Tattoos are Forever & So Is Our Love for EDM

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Fans Proclaiming Their Eternal Love for EDM By Getting Inked

We all know that once you get a tattoo, it’s for life. Unless, of course, you cover it up with another more pigmented tattoo or you have it removed via multi-session laser removal. For hundreds of years, people have willingly gone through the pain of getting a tattoo to show off for the rest of their lives. People get tattoos because they either hold sentimental value, express their true selves, are a form of art, or they’re just flat-out cool. Common tattoos range from butterflies, roses, Japanese art, or roman numerals. But what if that person is a die-hard raver? We asked our followers and searched far and wide in the vast land of Twitter to compile a gallery of EDM-related tattoos to showcase how committed people in the EDM community are to the lifestyle and their love for the music. Here are some of our favorites:

From Pinterest:

Rich Harris | Rezz

Rezz Tattoo

@Rustafarioticus | Slander

Slander Tattoo

Slap Queen | Temporary Tattoos but Still Cool!

Slap Queen Temporary Tattoos

Unknown | Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson Tattoo

Unknown | Floral Excision

Excision Floral Tattoo

From Our Followers:

@TheTaylorNoir | Zed’s Dead

Taylor Noir’s Zed’s Dead Tattoo

From Google Images:

Cecil Porter Studios | Daft Punk

Daft Punk Tattoo by Cecil Porter Studios

Laia DeSole Tattoos | Daft Punk

Daft Punk Tattoo by Laia DeSole

From Reddit:

Unknown | Avicii

Avicii Tattoo

@The_Hossifer | Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson Tattoo

U/EDCRachel | EDC

EDC Tattoo

U/DarkAngelxX447 | Deadmau5

Deadmau5 Tattoo

From @TriptonicSounds’ Tattoo Thread on Twitter:

@FuckenDenise | Zedd

Zedd Tattoo

@Moon_Slut | Excision

Excision Tattoo

@Daniellee_Reiss | Illenium

Illenium Tattoo

From Twitter:

@JeffStone18 | Rezz

Rezz Tattoo

@Kenetics518 | Excision

Excision Tattoo by Christopher Litts

Kayla | Sullivan King and Excision

Sullivan King & Excision Tattoo



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