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Echostage Review: Vintage Culture, Claptone, and Cassian

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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As “Washington, DC’s premier hybrid nightclub and concert venue,” Echostage is a must for EDM lovers. For my first time at the acclaimed music venue, I was impressed and left the event ecstatic! Founded by Club Glow, Echostage was voted as DJ Mag’s #1 North American nightclub for three consecutive years and reached the World’s #1 Nightclub slot in 2021.

cover photo credit: Drew Ressler/rukes.com

Echostage offers the festival experience indoors! The 30,000 plus sq. ft space has the capacity for up to 3,000 guests, and utilizes their space extremely well with a plethora of restroom facilities, private tables, a full bar, and free water! Featuring pristine LED visuals, piercing lasers, and explosive Co2 cannons, ravers will feel right at home.

As for the main lineup, Vintage Culture, Claptone, and Cassian are easily included in my top artists. Cassian provided an progressive yet ambient vibe that prepared the audience for the illustrious Vintage Culture. The Brazilian house artist performed an array of dominant club hits, boisterous remixes, and mesmerizing IDs. Then, Claptone erupted onto the stage with an electric and eclectic set before Vintage Culture returned with the infamous plague doctor for a special Back to Back! Throughout the night, each artist took advantage of the impeccable sound quality of the venue. However, I highly recommend bringing your trusty ear plugs because I felt that bass in my bones!

Fellow Stage Hoppers, Echostage hosts the best of the best, and you will definitely see me there again! 10 out 10!

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