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Project Glow Washington, DC 2022 Festival Review

by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Project Glow Festival, hosted by Insomniac Events in partnership with Club Glow, concluded its inaugural two-day festival this past weekend and I had the pleasure of attending on behalf of Stage Hoppers. With festival season in full force, Project Glow added to the electronic dance music events throughout the eastern coast of the United States.


A city like Washington, D.C. lends itself to efficient public transportation that benefitted Project Glow. The metro is accessible from various neighborhoods that facilitate a wide range of attendees towards the closest festival stops, of which I utilized Union Station. The free bus-transportation from Union Station to RFK Festival Grounds was one of the best decisions Insomniac made for the event. A quick and easy bus ride back-and-forth, and I had no trouble finding one as they were clearly positioned with lines and gates. Uber & Lyft could also be utilized for arriving to the festival, with a short walk, but leaving the festival, prices soared as with any major city. I did not experience the parking situation so I can not comment on that.

Venue Logistics

Security, I.D. check, and ticket scans, were some of the fastest lines I’ve ever experienced and had no issues entering the festival whatsoever. However, leaving the festival there appeared to be only one exit through a short tunnel which became congested the first day. If a second exit point is possible for future events that will greatly alleviate some stress and time when exiting.

Navigating through the festival was also very easy. Water stations were easily accessible and plenty of food/beverage stands that you could choose from. I rarely had to wait in line for any service, including the restrooms. Lastly, every staff member I came in contact with was so pleasant and helpful, so props to them!

Festival Environment & Stage Production

Insomniac is known for their impressive and immersive festival experiences. They transform venues into extravagant worlds for EDM, however, I felt there was some disconnect with this event. The festival grounds generally felt lower quality to other Insomniac events, which I understand as it is the first year of this festival. However, I never felt as if the grounds fully transformed into a unique environment that showcased a cohesive theme. I hope that improves throughout the following years of Project Glow.

As for the stages, my time was generally spent between the Eternal and Pulse Stages, with Pulse becoming my favorite of the two. The Pulse Stage truly immersed the audience into the intimate rave environment with surround-sound quality and LED columns throughout the tent-like structure. The stage design perfectly fit the style of music and artists that performed at this particular location. The Eternal Stage, in contrast, lacked some of the production quality and decor that many would consider a “main” stage. Up-close you could really enjoy the stage and visuals, but from the back of the crowd it became difficult to see at times. Not to say that the artists didn’t throw down on the Eternal Stage.

Artist Lineup & Music

The artists were on point throughout every set I witnessed. Saturday artists such as James Hype, Sigala, and VNSSA delivered some exceptional sets during the earlier hours of the event. GRiZ dominated the Eternal Stage throughout his closing set, while Above & Beyond illuminated the night sky. As a house music-lover, I spent the majority of Sunday experiencing the Pulse Stage. Mina and Honeyluv brought the energy and spirits up even with the rain! Two standout sets from the whole weekend came from John Summit and MEDUZA, both with a mix of blissful house music and absolutely filthy hits. Lastly, with a closer like Martin Garrix, the crowd was intense at Eternal, however, I don’t believe the stage did his usual production quality justice. Either way, Garrix live always hits on another level.

Overall, the variety at The Eternal Stage drew in some massive crowds, while The Pulse Stage catered to house lovers like myself. The diversity and talent of the lineup was definitely the highlight of the weekend.


For a brand new festival, Project Glow was overall a great and fun experience! Rain or shine, the fellow ravers I met and saw around me appeared to truly enjoy themselves, and the vibes were solid throughout the weekend. Definitely a festival I will attend in the future as I’d love to see the growth from year to year!

If you missed Project Glow Washington, D.C. this weekend, Insomniac Events and Club Glow just announced they will open a second iteration, Project Glow Philadelphia, taking place on October 1 & 2, 2022! Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10:00 am ET!

Tickets: Project GLOW Philly

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