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by Nicholas Lorenzo
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Freaky” came to fruition due to the collaborative efforts of AK Renny, SHARE, and DEVOWR., released via UK label YOSH. With a title like “Freaky,” you just know this will draw attention. From its’ odd, non-traditional house structure to sporadic breakbeats and constantly changing bass-line, this track steps out from bass house/UK bass world. Each artist brings their unique flavor to the track. AK Renny lends her untraditional vocals and melody, resulting in the catchy hook, “I can tell that you’re a freak the way you move your body.” SHARE and DEVOWR provide their experimental sounds and production tools for a dominating hit. “Freaky” was also featured  on Dr.Fresch’s Caller ID:017, gaining the honor of runner up for most creative submission on CALLER ID.

“Freaky” by AK Renny x SHARE x DEVOWR is now currently out on YOSH!
More about AK Renny

AK Renny is a Florida-based producer, DJ, and rapper creating her own unique sound in the bass house world taking influences from names like Kid Cudi, Kanye West, JOYRYDE, and more. Her vision is to positively impact others through her music and her message to “always know yourself.” She has released on labels such as Nighenjin, GRL GANG, and now the UK label: YOSH. She uses her vocals to incorporate anything from rap verses to catchy hooks into her music to bring something new into the bass house world. She has recently gained the support from artists like Dr.Fresch and Nostalgix, and has even performed her upcoming feature on Wod Mada‘s track live with Dr.Fresch.

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More about SHARE

SHARE is a Florida-based producer and DJ crafting his music from the inspiration of all the EDM genres. With his experimental sounds, he produces anything from bass house to experimental bass to trance to dubstep. He has released tracks on labels such as House Hats and has an upcoming release on Storytime Rec. He has gained the support from artists like Dr. Fresch and continues to experiment with his music, pushing past the traditional boundaries of EDM.

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More about DEVOWR.

DEVOWR. is a Florida-based experimental producer/connoisseur and DJ. DEVOWR produces across all genres from Trance to Hip Hop to house to experimental bass, and likes to push past traditional standards by adding in experimental elements into his music. He has pushed past the traditional structure of music and added elements across all the genres into his music, gaining him addition from artists such as Dr.Fresch.




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